Foods That Bring Happiness

Loss of appetite that comes with the sweltering summer heat, the feeling of tiredness and unhappiness following loss of appetite. It has become the biggest problem of many people in the middle of summer. How about consuming foods that will put an end to this feeling and make you feel better psychologically?

How about a diet that will help create a smile on our faces?

  • When you wake up in the morning, look out the window and greet the sun. Take a deep breath. Fresh air and bright sun will energize you.

  • Have your breakfast with your loved ones. Do not resort to laxative methods such as pastry and opening. Choose to have a breakfast with eggs, cheese, whole grain or rye bread and seasonal greens. Increase your energy by eating 1 teaspoon of honey or tahini-molasses.

  • Don’t say you can’t have lunch in this heat. Have a vegetable dish, 1 bowl of yoghurt and whole grain bread as an alternative on hot summer days. Don’t miss the time for the omega-3 store purslane.

  • Dried legumes are vegetable protein sources. You can eat legumes such as beans with olive oil, kidney beans, chickpeas, lentils instead of vegetable food.

  • By making coffee with 1 glass of cold milk 2-3 hours after lunch, you can both cool down and revive your metabolism thanks to the caffeine in coffee. You can also eat ice cream produced in places where you are sure that it is made with 2 scoops of fresh milk.

  • If you eat meat or chicken in the evening, grill, saute or bake. If you prefer fish, get it steamed or grilled.

  • Fresh greens give color to the tables and increase your energy. Do not forget to consume salad in the summer season, when the greens are diverse. You can add olive oil, lemon and pomegranate syrup to your salads.

  • Fruits are a more effective source of happiness than greens, revive by consuming summer fruits in cool condition. You will eat a portion of fruit with a slice of watermelon or melon cut in 2 finger thicknesses.

  • Take a walk outdoors at sunset, wearing comfortable shoes. On the one hand, you will notice that you are getting tired by sweating, and on the other hand, you are resting by relieving stress.

  • The most important source of smiles should not be forgotten water. Although water does not have any nutritional value, it is the most basic food necessary for our body to be healthy. Do not forget to drink 3 liters of water a day.

  • Take a warm shower before going to bed at night. For a glass of kefir. With kefir, your digestion will be regulated and your immune system will be strengthened. Kefir will help you spend the night peacefully with happy intestines.

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