Dried fruits are obtained by losing 60% of the juice of fresh fruits. After this drying process, only vitamin C loss is seen. Other minerals are preserved without loss. Thanks to the high antioxidant content of dried fruits, they have a protective effect against diseases such as cancer by fighting free radicals in the body.

Dried apricot contains the highest amount of potassium mineral. Potassium is necessary for heartbeat, regulation of blood pressure, and muscle contraction and relaxation.

Another important nutrient found in apricots is beta carotene, the precursor of vitamin A. Beta carotene is helpful in preventing cancer, heart and eye diseases. It prevents skin problems, aids growth, supports vision functions and protects the immune system.

Calcium and magnesium in dried apricots are important minerals against osteoporosis. Protects dental health. It prevents anemia due to its iron content and is effective against hair loss.

Dried apricots are one of the first fruits that come to mind when evaluated in terms of fiber. With this feature, it protects the intestinal flora and regulates digestive activities. Thanks to its high fiber content, the rate of raising blood sugar is low. Since pulp reduces the waiting time of harmful substances in the intestine, it prevents the reabsorption of toxins and thus acts as a protective weapon against cancer.

  • 1 portion of fruit counts as 3-4 dried apricots

  • It is a healthy alternative as a snack, it can be an example snack with milk.

  • It is more practical to transport and store than fresh fruit.

  • When consumed with a glass of warm water in the morning, it has the effect of activating the digestive system.

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