Flesh Moles

Skin moles that can occur in any age group genetically, especially with the thirties, are common in both men and women.
It can occur in both sexes and increases in number over the years. Moles are often small, skin
colored or brown, attached to the skin by small stalks, but sometimes much larger chickpeas
or in the form of walnut-sized or pin-sized formations attached to the skin.
Common areas are friction areas such as eyelids, armpits, groin, and sometimes back and chest.
may occur in the region.

Skin moles that are very soft to the touch, if there is no irritation or infection, pain, burning
they don’t. Sometimes itching, burning, tenderness, after scratching or wearing necklaces, clothes,
pain may develop and in this case, first redness and then it may turn into a gangranous structure. Years
Their number also increases with weight gain. Acrocordon molluscum in moles medicine
They are called pendulum and are completely harmless medically. These types of moles do not turn into cancer.
there are no risks.

Naturally, it does not pose an additional danger to the patient in this direction. Sun rays, friction, perspiration
Additional factors such as increase the rate of formation. Hormonal effects in pregnancy, birth control pills taken,
They are effective in increasing their numbers with hormonal interaction.

The number of moles is usually more than one, and 20-30 moles are frequently encountered in a person. Sometimes even this
The number can reach hundreds. Itching and injury may cause concern for patients. These moles are also aesthetically pleasing.
It creates a problem because it looks like dirt or stain visually, it makes patients nervous. This kind
It is an extremely easy and short process to save our patients from these formations. In general, electrocautery
The burning process is applied with the system, which is an extremely successful and effective method. Before this procedure
Anesthesia is applied with cream or fine-tipped needles to avoid pain. If you got lots of meat me
By applying cream to large areas, sufficient numbness is achieved in a period of 30 minutes. Process in 10-15 minutes
ends and the feeling of pain does not develop afterward. The crust develops in a few days and falls off in 3-5 days and
heals without leaving a scar.

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