Fixed Teeth in One Day with Implant Treatment

With the possibilities of viewing the lower and upper jaw bones in detail, the advanced surface properties of existing implants and the point where the technology related to tooth production has come. to mouths with no teethFixed dental treatment is performed on the same day with the help of implants.

This treatment concept allows patients to be fitted with temporary fixed teeth on the day of the surgery, thanks to the high support of the two long and angled implants placed in the back of the jaws, thanks to the high support from the bone.

Since some corrections are made in the bone after tooth extractions, tooth extractions same session with implantscan be done.

This concept has been applied all over the world for 20 years with high success rates.

Which Patient Groups Can It Be Applied To? To Whom It Is Not Applicable?

It can be applied to all patients for whom implant treatment is indicated. In patients with osteoporosis in the posterior parts of the mouth, the entire mouth and fixed teeth can be made without the need for further bone surgery.

What are the Treatment Stages?

Along with the clinical and radiological examinations, your physician takes a detailed anamnesis from you. After the appropriate plan for the treatment is drawn up, your treatment is started with local anesthesia or sedation according to your preference.

Teeth are extracted, bone arrangements are made, your implants are placed in the appropriate position, your temporary prosthesis prepared beforehand is adjusted and screwed on the implants. All of this treatment is done in the same clinic and takes an average of 3-4 hours.

At the end of the day, while you leave the clinic with your fixed teeth, our staff will make your next control appointment. This control appointment is 10 days later, you can have this control done at any branch of our institution in the country or abroad.

When Should I Come Again?

Your permanent fixed dentures are made at the earliest 4 months after your implants are made and your temporary teeth are placed. After 4 months, you can come and have your permanent teeth done whenever you want.

Products of German or Swiss origin are used in implants and prostheses. The implants used are under the guarantee of both Aydınlar Health and the implant company. lifetime renewal warrantyis

This Treatment Must Be Very Expensive.

This application not only saves you money by reducing the treatment time, but also reduces the cost compared to full mouth implants due to the reduced number of implants.

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