First night and healthy sex

What should you do for your first night?

Take a deep breath, keep in mind that it is important to remember this first reunion well.

Since the first sexual experience, which starts with a rude and unsafe act, will cause marital problems, doctors advise spouses to be understanding and kind to each other. Mutual trust in all areas of life begins with kindness, but happy sexuality awaits a delicacy beyond kindness.

What you need to do

· Plan your first night in advance. Do not hesitate to talk about the first night in advance and do research. Don’t believe everything you hear on the internet and from bullshit people.

· As a society, it is our custom to leave our work to the last moment. Sexual health education is given by the best man in an hour before sexual intercourse. Know that this one-hour sex education from the pre-nuptial best man is not enough and correct. If you have reservations, make an appointment with your doctor about these issues before the first night before you get bored.

· Pay attention to cleanliness. For example; It is often the first reunion after a wedding. All the rust and sweat of that ceremony will be on you, take care of cleanliness and take a shower that will relax you.

· You will not be able to fit your desires in a small wedding room on that special first night. On your first night, no one should be at home but you. Talk about maiden matters among yourselves, so you don’t feel obligated to inform other family members about it. This will relax you a lot.

Wait for the time when you feel psychologically ready. The first night doesn’t necessarily have to be the night of the wedding. The couple must be ready for sexual intercourse. Being ready for sexual intercourse does not mean being ready for intercourse. You should not be hasty in sexual contact.

It is natural and beneficial to have a long duration of foreplay before sexual intercourse.

· It is normal for women to be nervous in their first sexual experience, the man should show understanding. It is possible for a man to comfort his wife with his words of love and his loving gaze.

It is more normal for men to be nervous during their first sexual experience. The result of this tension will appear as unearned or unsustained rigidity in men. When the man has erectile dysfunction, it is recommended that the woman touch her partner more. The woman is asked to take control of the foreplay. Women should not forget that men who state that they are sexually strong can lie about this issue. Of course, do not approach your spouse with prejudice, but believe what you see, not what you hear. Continue to support your spouse, do not forget that he will need support, do not be fooled by your spouse saying I will take care of it.

Remember that you will become aware by doing different things. Sex is like a two-wheel drive car, don’t think you’ll crash if you let go of control. It is natural and necessary that sometimes the man and sometimes the woman take control.

Don’t try to be perfect, don’t work for it.

· Do not be in a hurry when trying to adjust your compliance and dose.

You should spend your first night thinking that you will belong to each other for a lifetime.

Do not forget that your sexual happiness and problems are only your concern, do not involve your relatives.

· Do not hesitate to seek professional support.



“A police officer committed suicide the morning of his wedding night. According to the information obtained, the police officer of 10 years got married in the wedding hall last night. The couple went home after the wedding. He committed suicide by shooting himself in the head with a gun at around 05.00 in the morning.”16.05.2006 Sabah Newspaper.Another news that was published in the following days when the event started to light up. “The allegations that the police officer committed suicide by being unable to have sexual intercourse due to excessive excitement on the night of his marriage led to discussions about sexual problems” NTV-MSNBC 24.05.2006

Remember, the first night is not a simple event, so it has serious consequences.

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