First Day of New Life

Of course, none of us had a foresight or experience about the pandemic. No one had experienced these processes before. It was a first for all of us. And it’s been very difficult.

You know, in this process, almost all areas such as education and production stopped, were postponed, ended. Children, adults, the elderly most of all, faced the danger of death and unfortunately thousands of people lost their lives both in our country and in the world.

While life was more uncertain until 1 month ago, now at least businesses, employees and the nursery side of education are returning to the “old normal” with the title “new normal”.

While we want to return to our old life on the one hand, we are ambivalent about the fact that the effects and danger of this whole process can still continue; In other words, it can create opposite emotions such as pessimistic when happy, anxious when cheerful, and avoidance when desiring. We should be able to be at peace with our every emotion, be aware of the moments when we experience feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, anger or fear, and try to determine which thoughts may arise from emotions, whether these thoughts are functional or not.

While going to a cafe or restaurant can be a source of reward and pleasure for us in the past, it can also be a source of fear and stress after this process, which is normal. In this respect, as in all cases, it will be meaningful in terms of psychological adjustment that the transitions are gradual and step by step in this process. The most important element of coping with stress and anxiety will be to identify the points that we can do and change and try to take the measures we can take.

Using public transportation, being in crowded environments, going out can also trigger anxiety. It would be good for employers to be understanding in this regard, to take measures to make employees feel safe, to increase informative studies, and to support people to express their concerns and fears. At the same time, it will be important for everyone in the returning teams to follow the rules, not to act with the delusion of ‘Nothing will happen to me’, and to show understanding to the concerns of their colleagues.

Of course, we will experience difficulties in the transition period to the “Controlled Social Life” stage, which is stated now, and it may not be easy to adapt. Being exposed to the working order and running under normal conditions can be a trigger at the point of stress factor. Because every transition process can activate some psychological stressors.

The problems experienced will be completely over, but the psychological reflections of the emotions we experience in this process can be seen after a while. When such a situation is encountered, psychological support should be sought without delay.

I wish your “New Life” to start and continue with the most healthy, productive and happy.

Healthy days..

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