First 40 days and First 1 year in relationships, First 5 years in marriages

in our relationships first Fourty your day its importance; Two people who spend time together for forty days are connected to each other, as soon as the bond established after forty days is broken, it does not want to break. What we call a ‘habit’, this habit is formed by the establishment of the link between them. That is, a habit is formed in forty days.
in our relationships first a of the year its importance; There may be arguments and fights in the first year, this is because they learn and solve each other’s characters. When we face each character we do not know, we can be stunned and surprised, and at some points it can be considered normal, but sometimes it can lead to negative reactions. However, quarrels and fights ensue. While some couples overcome them within a year, some couples cannot overcome them and result in separation.
Let’s think about it this way, even when two brothers have different characters and are still one of the people they love most in the world, they are two people who do not break away from each other even though there are fights and arguments.
It is not healthy for every argument to turn into a fight, but the most important point here is to solve the problem. It will be tiring to face the same problem and it will cause the relationship to end after the communication is broken.
Therefore, instead of covering up the problem in our relations, it would be better to find the main source of the problem and repair, fix and solve the source of the problem.
Here we learned why the first year of a relationship is important.

in marriage first five of the year importance ; We have come across many married couples who say, “We are a couple who have been friends and have been together for years, but everything changed when they got married. Have you thought about why?
The reason is very simple, have you ever observed the attitudes and behaviors of our parents or siblings in their home life, business life or in the circle of friends? Or let me ask, let’s go deeper, are your attitudes and behaviors always uniform in your business life, in your circle of friends, in your home life and in your relationships?
Every person has a different role. Friendship role, working life role, adoptive role, sister role, lover role, companion role, we all have a different role. This is innate behavior. Just as you differ in each of your roles, your lover will also take the role of wife after marriage.
Of course, when you taste marriage for the first time (first experience) and share the same house, you will see the features that you have not seen, when you see it, not knowing what to do, disappointment, feeling of emptiness, in short, will enter a period of confusion and such feelings will emerge. In this case, the first five years are related to the settlement of the marriage track. In the first five years, they see each other’s various features intensely and the process of getting used to these situations takes five years. Yes, according to experts, couples who cannot tolerate each other within five years, unfortunately, divorce within a year or two or three years. But if you tolerate each other, that is, if you are understanding and respectful towards each other, you will get over five years and fifty years…

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