Filling materials

They are substances used for the treatment of wrinkles in the body, especially on the face. The filling is either made using the person’s own oil or it is made with synthetic fillers. In cases where the person’s own oil is used, the patient should be in hospital conditions and receive anesthesia, albeit for a short time. However, since easier and simpler solutions are more popular in today’s world, we recommend fat filling to patients who have undergone surgery for any reason or those who have lost a lot of volume on their face. Synthetic fillings, on the other hand, are more preferred because they can be made in office conditions and in a short time.

Synthetic fillers are generally obtained in two ways. Older generation fillers are of animal origin and should be tested on the patient beforehand, as they have a low potential for allergic reactions. The new generation fillers used today generally contain Hyaluronic Acid, their allergic potential is very low and they can be applied without the need for testing.

The result of fillers can be seen instantly. A person who comes to our clinic with wrinkles on his face can leave our clinic after a 10-15 minute procedure, freed from all these signs of aging.

Fillers are divided into permanent and non-permanent (6-12 months effective). The potential for an allergic reaction to the substances added to the content in order to ensure the permanence of permanent fillers will cause our patients to suffer for life if an allergy develops. In addition, since the results obtained with permanent fillings will not change for life, the patient will have to carry this image for life and will lose the chance of change. For all these reasons, non-permanent fillers are used in our clinic.

There are hundreds of brands of fillers around the world. We use only FDA-approved and CE-certified fillers, as it is not possible for us to use all of these brands and understand that they are reliable. In this case, both the patient and the doctor feel safe.

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