Aesthetically, it is the most effective way we apply for a younger appearance and for our facial features to stand out.
method is filling applications. Sometimes a little fuller lip, sometimes removing the wrinkles on our forehead,
sometimes when we want to get rid of our under eye pits. It is not a fast effective and surgical method.
It is preferred by most people. To the area where we are dissatisfied and to work on
We inject Hyaluronic Acid.

Why Hyaluronic Acid?

Hyaluronic Acid; keeps skin young and wrinkle-free.
Hyaluronic Acid; It moisturizes the skin and retains water.
Hyaluronic Acid; repairs tissues.
Hyaluronic Acid; Increases cellular regeneration.
Hyaluronic Acid; As age progresses, its proportion in the body decreases. Wrinkles and collapses begin.
Lip filler

People with congenital thin lips and those who have thinned lips with age should change this.
We call the applications we make when they want lip filling. With Hyaluronic Acid injection
We have fuller and more defined lips. According to your facial structure, lower lip, upper lip, lip
The amount of injection in your line is decided during your examination. pre-injection drug
We use cream. Your transaction is completed in 30 minutes.

Nasolabial Groove Filling (Grow Filling Extending from Both Nose Edges to the Mouth Edge)

For various reasons, from the edge of the nose to the rim of the mouth, which we call the nasolabial groove.
Hyaluronic Acid in cases where the reaching line deepens and becomes corrugated and visually disturbs
We fill with injection. We aim to restore the old shape of the groove with the filling treatment. Injection
The amount varies according to the depth of the groove. Additional doses may be given during your control. before injection
We use numbing cream. Your transaction is completed in 30 minutes.

Detention Filling (Light Filling)

In order to remove the darkness, matte appearance, lack of moisture and a little sunkenness under our eyes,
With the help of Hyaluronic Acid injection, our under-eyes are more vivid, more colorful, with our cheekbones.
In order to have more proportional under-eyes, we make under-eye filling, in other words, light filling.
We use numbing cream before injection. Your transaction is completed in 30 minutes. under the eyes
Due to the thin skin, in cases where the amount of filling will be high, dividing it by time, in a few sessions
We are making an application.

Nose Filling

Nasal filling is also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty among the people. no matter how beautiful
Although there are cases where we can get results, it does not replace rhinoplasty surgeries. Nose
Nasal filling in cases of minimal protrusions and depressions on the back and a slight drooping of the tip of the nose
(Non-surgical rhinoplasty) procedure. According to the state of our patient’s pain threshold, drugs are also used.
In addition to the cream, we also apply local anesthesia. Depending on whether we will do local anesthesia or not
We complete your transaction in 30-45 minutes.

Cheekbone Filling

Day by day, the protrusion of our cheekbones, which makes our face look more vigorous, is decreasing.
Losing the “V” shape of our face will make us look older. The “V” shape of our face
to make our cheekbones look more prominent so that we can catch them again
We are doing cheek filling. A more defined and brighter cheekbone with Hyaluronic Acid injection
we obtain bone area. We use numbing cream before injection. in 30 minutes
your transaction is completed.

Cheek filling

It is a method generally used by people with weak facial features. People with weak facial features
facial bones are more protruding outward. For this reason, the naturally oval appearance of our face
breaks it. It also causes our cheek area to look sunken. In such cases it is natural
It is an application to provide ovality. In addition to hyaluronic acid injection, one’s own oil
The resulting fat injection is more preferred in these cases. But from one’s whole body weakness
Due to this, there are cases where we cannot obtain enough oil.

Chin Filling

After the backward movement of our jawbones due to aging, the top of our jawbone
apart from preventing wrinkling;

Those who want a wider view of the chin
Those who want the short chin to be extended outward
Those who want the chin corner to be prominent
Those who want the chin to look more oval
apply for chin filling procedure. Again, with the help of Hyaluronic Acid injection, the person wanted
In order to achieve the chin structure, the application is done in 30 minutes with numbing cream.
is being completed.

Forehead Filling

After years of fatigue and stress, when we raise our eyebrows under normal conditions
In cases where our prominent forehead lines have become permanent even if we do not raise our eyebrows.
This is the method we use. When our face is at rest, when we do not use our gestures, we feel more vigorous.
We inject Hyaluronic Acid to achieve the appearance. Application with numbing cream 30
completed in minutes.

Persistence in Filling Applications

In the prospectus of the fillers used, it is stated that at least 12 months and at most 18 months. app
The place where it is made, the dosage made, the number of times it is done, your age, your subcutaneous structure are factors in the permanence period.
It has also been observed that there is an increase in the process in the people we apply wrinkle treatment.

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