Filling Applications

In young skin, the amount of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid is high and their arrangement is smooth. As the skin ages
The number of collagen and elastin fibers decreases and their arrangement is disrupted. Decreased adipose tissue and hyaluronic acid
as wrinkles and sagging occur. Loss of moisture in the skin as a result of decreased hyaluronic acid
occurs and elasticity decreases. Filling applications are made to replace these lost structures.
Modern filling materials contain hyaluronic acid. It was obtained under laboratory conditions and
structure is strengthened. It is not of animal origin. It is a substance that is already in our body.
The risk of allergies is very low. Testing is usually not necessary. Given to the body as a filling material
Hyaluronic acid combines with water to increase moisture and provide tension and fullness. Fillings with small particles
are used in finer areas, while those with larger particles are used where denser filling is required.
used. Fillers most commonly: nasolabial sulci (from both sides of the mouth to the sides of the nose)
extending grooves), lines between the two eyebrows, filling the cheek and cheekbones, and
Used for lip shaping. Local anesthetic cream is applied 15 minutes before the injection. a thin
hyaluronic acid is injected into the area to be corrected with a needle. The gel fills under the wrinkles. Process 20-30 minutes
as long as it takes. You will see the result immediately. The permanence of the filling material depends on the material used and
depending on the application site. During the lunch break, the application can be made and daily life can be continued.
It is recommended not to be exposed to very hot or very cold immediately after the application. Filling materials
pregnant, lactating, active infections, allergy history and immunosuppressant treatment
not done.

Prp Application
After taking the person’s own blood and centrifuging it, the platelet-rich part that is separated is placed in the required place.
is the implementation. It can be used in skin rejuvenation, spot treatment, hair treatment, as well as in other medical fields.
frequently used. Since the person applies his own blood, there is no possibility of infection or contagious disease transmission.
It is planned to be 3 sessions with 3 weeks intervals. It is recommended to be repeated once a year. Combined with other methods
can be done.

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