The processes we apply intensively:

  • Cheek filling
  • Lip filler
  • temple filler
  • under eye filler
  • neck padding

Youth vaccine for the entire face and neck

Filling application is one of the treatment methods to get rid of wrinkles and lines caused by external factors, especially the effect of advancing age and ultraviolet rays, to reshape the face and correct the lines. In this method, many permanent or temporary substances such as the person’s own fat tissue, collagen, hyaluronic acid, hydroxyapatite, hydrophilic polysilamide gel can be used. The advantage of temporary substances over permanent substances is that they dissolve over time and are eliminated from the body. Permanent substances, on the other hand, may react during application or after a while, and may become uncomfortably clear as they cannot adapt to the changing facial lines over time.

In recent years, the most frequently used substance in filling applications is hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide, that is, natural sugar, and is naturally found in the human body, living things. It has very important tasks such as cell division, lubrication of the joints and keeping the skin tight. In addition, it has the ability to hold a thousand times more water than its own volume and to maintain its shape for a long time where it is injected, making it a very ideal and most preferred filling material. Since there is no allergic reaction in these fillings, no allergy testing is required. The most frequently applied areas; nasolabial lines (lines extending from the nose to the sides of the lips)lines descending from the corners of the lips (marionette lines), mimic lines above the lip (perioral lines-cigarette lines)Lip augmentation, nose lifting, shaping cheekbones, temples and jawbones, as well as deep acne and scars.

The application takes place in a single session. Although the average permanence varies between 6-12 months, it varies according to the density of the product and the characteristics of the injected area. While it decreases faster around the moving muscles, the time is longer in the immobile areas such as the forehead and nose. It is recommended that the person not eat for 4 hours after the injection application and not use their facial expressions excessively. In addition, it is aimed to provide full support by eliminating the effects of light with the care creams and sunscreen creams used together.

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