Filling Aesthetics, age, smoking, sun and gravity as a result of collagen in the skin over time.
It is important in reducing wrinkles and removing wrinkles. And when this process is not interfered with,
The amount of fat in the area decreases and the location of the fat changes, causing sagging on our face.
starts. The resulting sagging and pits are corrected with filling aesthetics. Simplifying filling aesthetics
If necessary, it is the reinforcement process applied to the area with volume deficiency. But this is simply oversimplified
is the state; The effect of filling aesthetics on the area where the filling is performed depends on the type and structure of the filling used and, of course, its quality.
varies according to

Facial filling aesthetics; The rejuvenating effect of the wrinkle remover in the upper face region
can be said to be equivalent. And the ‘passive’ I mentioned earlier that cannot be eliminated by wrinkle removal.
When combined with ‘wrinkles’ face filling, it provides up to 100% improvement.

Although it is a very popular and very successful procedure recently,
Due to the involvement of many unauthorized physicians and non-physicians in the event, our people are very
It is a biased process.


Before giving more detailed information, I would like to enlighten you about the permanence period of the fillings. Filling
After it is injected into the area, it is integrated into the structure under our skin and some chemical
reactions begin and this is the phase of metabolization of the filler, which begins as soon as the filling is made.
This phase varies between 9 months and 3 years, depending on the quality and structure of the filling.

The other process that affects the chemical process is the mechanical process. In other words, whether the filled area is movable.
For example, lip augmentation and nasolabial or forehead filling are not the same.
It is not very correct to wait for it to melt in time. Since the lip is a movable area, it can be applied to other areas.
Melting time of lip filler is shorter than

Another factor that affects the melting time of the filler is the lifestyle of the person. Excessive alcohol consumption
The efficiency of the filler inevitably decreases in people who have a sleep disorder and do not have a sleeping pattern. A quality filler
When used, the permanence period of the filling is 9-18 months under the most suitable conditions and this period is from person to person.
is changing.


The first thing you should pay attention to when having filling aesthetics is whether there is a hygienic environment and the application.
whether the person who will do it is a plastic surgeon or a dermatologist. Application authorized specialist doctors
You may encounter undesirable results when done outside of it.

The other point you should pay attention to while having filling aesthetics is the INJECTOR OF THE FILLER.
IF IT HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM PACKAGING! Why am I telling this because quality padding
means expensive filling, and therefore half of the 1 ml injector is given to you and half to another patient.
There may be those who want to use it because it reduces the cost and therefore cheaper than it deserves.
is to process. After the injector is new, if there is any leftover from the filling, it must be filled.
ask for the barcode number or request the remaining amount (I give my patients fillers in front of their eyes.
He opens the material and if there is a remaining amount, within 15-20 days for the retouching procedure, which we call touch-up.
hand over to the patient)

Why is this important? If the remainder of the sealant is used on another patient, the syringe tip has been changed.
Even the other patient may be infected and infected, and this is a risk that puts your health at risk.
is the application.


Filling can be applied to any area (face, body, legs, etc.) that is considered insufficient in volume. The most popular
Although the applications are lip and sadness lines (nasolabial groove and marionette lines), volumizing process
It can be applied carefully to any area.

The thing to be considered is the patient’s request and the amount of filler to be used according to the patient’s request.
determines. For example, the amount applied for lip augmentation is not the same for every patient. Some
While the lip volume of the patients is sufficient, the contour part is not prominent and the contour used for contouring
The amount of filler is not the same as the amount needed to give volume. Some patients want 1 ml filler
While it is enough to get the result, some patients may need 2 ml or more filling. The best decision
your doctor and you can give.


With aging, thinning of the dermis layer in the lip area, loss of volume and lip contour
flattening occurs. In order to make lip augmentation, the authorized practitioner should consider these changes.
must have.

The patient’s request should be at the forefront when performing lip augmentation. What kind of lip structure is when you look in the mirror?
makes you happy, you have to decide first. After you decide what you want
If it is anatomically and medically appropriate, the required amount is calculated and the lip augmentation process is started.

Local anesthesia can be applied with numbing cream or needle while lip augmentation is performed. Lip filler
The procedure is not a painful procedure, and it is an application that takes an average of 30-40 minutes with numbing.

What should be considered when lip augmentation is done,

1- After lip augmentation, the lips should be in width and volume suitable for the facial structure.

2- The ratio of the lower lip and upper lip should be appropriate

3- Most importantly, it should look natural and not raise the lip too much (although some patients do this.
in such a case, it can be lifted up.)

4- After lip augmentation, the lip contour should be clear so that your lip is brighter and brighter when lipstick is applied.
keep it full.


While doing lip augmentation, I operate interactively with my patients, so at every stage, my patient’s
I get his opinion and help him see the change. Attention after lip augmentation
What you need:

After the lip augmentation procedure, there may be edema that lasts for 2-3 days, and in such a case, a warm compress can be applied.
After the lip augmentation process, it is recommended to massage the application area using antibiotic creams.
Avoiding very hot and very cold foods and drinks after lip augmentation and smoking
If he smokes, I’ll tell you what to watch out for.
There is no rule that every patient will have edema after lip augmentation, but edema occurs.
Of course, it’s not an indication that things are going wrong. What matters is what to do in such a situation.
is necessary. When edema occurs after lip augmentation, your doctor will tell you about it.

In the first 30 days after the lip filling is done, you can hold it in your hand on the lip line during the holding phase of the filling.
There may be clumping. In such a case, by giving a light massage to that area, lumps should be removed.
You can distribute it.


Although the permanence period of lip fillers varies from person to person, it is 9-12 months, but this does not mean that
will not melt until the 9th month; Since the lip is a moving area after the filling is done, it can be done quickly.
it starts to metabolize and the melting process takes 9 months, that is, your lip volume in the 4th month and the lip in the 8th month.
There will definitely be a difference in your volume. Although this fact upsets you, many
You may have noticed that the practitioner did not tell you this. Fortunately, lip augmentation and other area
The fillings made are not completely lost and 10% remain, and this residual effect accumulates in each repetition.
It ensures that your lips never go back to their original form.

The longevity of lip augmentation is closely related to the quality of the filling, and the average lip augmentation
The permanence period is 8-9 months.


The area called the nasolabial region, which separates the cheek and upper lip nose area, increases as we age and gains weight.
It is the region of the face, which is one of the signs of aging, whose depth increases as you give it. Nasolabial area filler face

It is one of the steps of rejuvenation and it is a region where very good results are obtained when done in competent hands.

There are many methods for filling the nasolabial area (line of sadness), I use the double layer filling method.
I use it and with the method I have done, more stretching of the cheek area and relatively
I’m getting it back together. Complete deletion of the nasolabial region (lines of sadness) is definitely not included in the filling.
It is not the goal and in no way can it be a natural practice. To soften the transition in the nasolabial region and
Reducing the current depth is the main goal. This is achieved by talking very well between the patient and the doctor.
should provide. If you misinform the patient and put them in unnecessary expectations, you will also
You will also make yourself unhappy.

The amount of filler used varies according to the depth of the nasolabial region (sadness lines), and the average
2 ml is sufficient for the correction of a medium-depth nasolabial region in the age group.

Nasolabial area (sad line) filling technique is completely different from lip augmentation and
I strongly recommend that you seek help from experienced and expert people. Practitioner for the desired result;
should fill as much as necessary and of good quality and should not misinform the patient.

Nasolabial area filling permanence time is different from lip filling if it is a quality and sufficient filling.
It is longer and has an average permanence of 12-18 months. And as with lip fillers
Not all of the filling melts and a certain part remains and becomes therapeutic in repetitive applications.


The cheekbone, cheek area and tear trough can be easily filled. Cheekbone
The aim of the filling made to make it clearer is to provide a suspending effect in the face area at the same time.
to increase tension. The filling retention time is roughly the same as in the nasolabial region and approaches 24 months.
I also have patients with permanence. However, it should not be forgotten that the average is 12-18 months.

Cheekbone clarification can be done with fillers as well as with permanent prostheses. Elmacik
bone fillings are denser and more permanent fillings than fillings used in other regions.

It is necessary to be very careful when filling the tear trough; If you are inexperienced and not competent
If people do your procedure, you are alone with 2 masses on the right and left that remain in your tear ducts for about 9 months.
you can stay. This is because the padding has not been given to the correct area and we do not want to encounter it.
is a situation.


Filling applications are not only applied to the face, but also to many parts of the body. most face
The place where it is done outside is the butt area, the chest area and the back of the legs. Those who need filling in these areas
Special fillings with different permanence and content are used for patients. The reason is more in terms of volume
A large area is being filled. Therefore, the volume effect should be greater.
For breast augmentation, butt lift, trauma, burn etc. in other parts of the body.
Filling operations are carried out to fill the collapsed areas formed.


There is no permanent filling unfortunately, but permanent fillings with higher permanence and varying between 2-4 years
there is; Since these fillers have a high risk of side effects, they are not used too much on the face area, but on the butt and legs.
and fillers used to give volume to the chest area.


Allergic reaction, albeit very rarely, due to the synthetic components contained in the fillers.
they can. In such a case, a course of treatment lasting approximately 2-4 weeks is required and it is a very common problem.
is not the case. However, if you had a filling done in a very poor quality, very cheap and unhygienic place,
There will definitely be side effects of the filler. Another undesirable situation is edema and bruises. These are 2-7
They disappear completely during the day.

If the filling is made more than necessary or applied to the wrong layer, blood called necrosis in the skin layer
Tissue death may occur as a result of poor circulation. In such a case, the area and the filling
must be surgically removed.

An experienced specialist will understand whether there will be tissue death after filling and it should be done within the first 2-4 hours.
With the necessary early intervention, it will save you from this situation. However, with those who are not competent in this
When you meet, sad situations can happen to you.

Infection may develop in the treated area, in such a case you may need to use antibiotics. All
Do not let these things depress you, because when you have filler aesthetics in the right places, they will happen to you.
The probability of it coming is very low.


Situations where filling is not appropriate:

In cases where the immune system is suppressed
Pregnant and lactating
It is inconvenient to apply in those who have herpes, acne or active infection in the filling area.

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