What is a dental filling?

It is the completion of the material loss due to caries or fracture in the tooth with a tissue-friendly material close to the original.

Which filling material should be chosen?

Especially in molars, durable and aesthetic materials should be chosen, and in anterior teeth, more aesthetic materials should be chosen.

Is amalgam (metal filling) the right choice as a filling material?

Amalgam fillings are a type of filling obtained with a mixture of copper, tin and mercury, which has been applied especially to the posterior teeth for 150 years. Its biggest disadvantage is that its color is gray black.

Mercury in the structure of amalgam filling restricts the use of the material in terms of health.

The wide preparation of the slots prepared for amalgam filling material compared to composite fillings causes the loss of more healthy tissue.

The use of amalgam fillings is prohibited in Norway and Denmark. Its use is also restricted in Finland and Japan.

Composite fillings

They are tooth-colored, tissue-friendly filling materials that are chemically bonded to the tooth tissue.

Since it is chemically bonded to the tooth, it is sufficient to remove only the carious tissue to make the filling.

Can be done in a single session

Aesthetic properties are high

Its physical properties are similar to tooth tissue.

Root Canal Treatment

What is root canal treatment?

When the tooth decay reaches the living part of the tooth, the inflammation of this area is called pulpitis (inflammation of the living part of the tooth). As a result of this event, the process of cleaning the inflamed part of the tooth is called root canal treatment.

In the teeth that need root canal treatment, there is severe pain that wakes you up at night, starts spontaneously, lasts for a long time and is felt when the tooth is touched.

The reason why the pain is worse at night is the increased blood flow to the blood vessels, which are enlarged due to inflammation, when they are horizontal.

In teeth requiring root canal treatment, pain can be felt not only in the tooth but also in the face, neck, ear and one half of the head.

Root canal treatment is the process of removing the tissue consisting of nerves and blood vessels, called the pulp of the tooth.

Teeth undergoing root canal treatment are not lifeless, they just do not have core parts. There is no difference in appearance from other teeth.

The space resulting from the extraction of the essence is filled with antiseptic substances.

No pain is felt during root canal treatment, and there may be mild pain for the first few days following the treatment.

In teeth without root canal treatment, there may be a cyst or granuloma at the root tip as a result of the progression of inflammation. This causes damage to the bone and makes treatment difficult.

Under normal conditions, no pain is felt in teeth with root canal treatment.

The duration of treatment varies depending on the amount of infection.

Today, root canals can be disinfected and root tip infections can be treated more easily with the use of laser.

In addition, developments in micro endodontics provide more effective cleaning of canals.

The color changes that occur in the teeth as a result of root canal treatment can be removed with whitening treatment.

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