The most practical way to compensate for the volume deficiencies, especially due to thinning and loosening of the skin over time, is the use of ready-made fillers, so that it is possible to obtain tighter, more striking skin. It has a widespread use; lips, cheeks, cheekbones, forehead, nose, chin, neck, chest, hips, hands, etc. The main ingredient used to fill this gap is Hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a building block found naturally in our body. Today’s technology has been able to produce this building block in a laboratory environment in such a way that it can remain in our body without being rejected. In the market, there are preparations that differ from each other in terms of quality in proportion to the number of long chains and cross-links present in the content of hyaluronic acid. The rational thing is to use the highest quality and permanent product. There are currently at least ten different fillers in Turkey in this regard. Filling is one of the “lunch break” operations. It is applied very quickly and easily. Some preparations contain a local anesthetic substance. Therefore, there is no need for anesthesia before the application.

Scope of application:

Nasolabial grooves: It is one of the most common areas of use. Grooves extending from both sides of the nose to the corner of the mouth are the first change that most people think of to have a filling. These grooves become more tense and smooth-surfaced with filling injection.

Lips: Thicker or more prominent lips are one of the most preferred reasons for the use of fillers. Lip injections have their subtleties. It is possible and preferred way to stay natural looking with lip augmentation.

Cheekbones: The fullness of the upper part of the imaginary arc drawn from the edge of the lip to the ear is a sign of youth and beauty. Fillers can achieve this in a very short time. When more volume is needed, autogenous fat grafting is another option that should definitely be considered.

Forehead: There are vertical grooves located just between the eyebrows on the forehead, and horizontal grooves that line the forehead up to the hair. These areas are also filled with filler injections, allowing us to suddenly achieve a softer and younger look.

Nose: Recently, the process touted as non-surgical rhinoplasty is actually filling applications to the nose area. What makes the nose appear more arched may actually be the excessive hollowness just above it. In this case, this cavity can be filled without reducing the patient’s nose. And a more uniform form can be obtained. It can be a solution for those who are afraid of nose surgery.

Hand: There are some changes on the hand over the years. The skin dries, the subcutaneous connective tissue weakens, the muscles of the hand weaken. Thus, a more easily wrinkled appearance is obtained. In this case, we can repair the damage that years have caused on our hands with the filler applied to these areas.

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