The process of removing the damaged tissues from the tooth and regaining its function and appearance to a tooth that has lost its structural integrity and function due to caries or wear is called filling.

When deciding with which material the filling will be made, factors such as being able to withstand chewing pressure in the back teeth, not spoiling the aesthetic appearance of the anterior teeth, and not damaging the teeth are taken into account.

1-Amalgam Filling

It is also known as metal filling. It can be preferred in posterior group teeth as it is resistant to chewing force. It is not an aesthetic filling material because it is gray in color.

2-Composite Filling

The aim of restorative dentistry; It is to regain the natural tooth appearance as a result of correct diagnosis and a complete treatment. Composites are known as white fillings. Because they are the same color as the tooth, they are frequently preferred for aesthetic reasons. Composite fillings can also be used for aesthetic purposes as they can change the color and shape of the teeth.

3-Porcelain Fillings

The physical and chemical properties of ceramics are closer to the properties of tooth structure than composites and amalgams.

What are the symptoms of tooth decay?

Feeling hot, cold and sweet tenderness

– Dark discolorations appear on the chewing surface of the teeth or on the contact surface with the lateral tooth

– Sharp protrusions in the teeth, feeling of emptiness

-Pain in the tooth while chewing

Is anesthesia required during the filling process?

Fillings that do not remove caries from the teeth can be processed without anesthesia. However, in fillings that need deep and caries removal, anesthesia may be required for both the comfort of the patient and the comfortable manipulation of the physician.

Is there any sensitivity after filling?

Depending on the depth of your filling, there may be hot and cold sensitivity for up to a month. After the filling is done, your sensitivity should decrease and end. If your sensitivity is increasing gradually, you should consult your doctor if you experience night pain.

Does the filled tooth decay?

In the presence of insufficient oral hygiene, the filled tooth may decay again.

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