Filler Wrinkle Treatment

What is Wrinkle Treatment with Fillers?

Over the years, as we age, changes begin to occur in our face and body. Years leave their marks on our faces. Collagen and elastic fibers in the skin begin to age. The amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin begins to decrease. Volumetric losses occur in certain regions. We observe the result of these as wrinkles and collapses on our skin. Apart from the progression of our age, smoking, sun and weather conditions also accelerate our aging and increase our wrinkles.

Why Is Filling Made?

Our skin is treated with filling materials so that our lips are fuller, our cheeks are more prominent, the depressions in our nose area are less and our eyes are not sunken. Filling Application is made.

Some people experience tissue loss under the skin for various reasons. Wrinkles and sagging of the skin occur in some people due to gravity and environmental factors, some people’s damage caused by sun rays, and some people’s age progresses. Sometimes, sagging, wrinkles and lines occur on the skin due to aging, sun damage, anxiety, gravity and other environmental factors. It is possible to eliminate skin depressions, volume losses, wrinkles by injecting some substances under the skin. Thus, a younger and attractive appearance can be obtained.

What Do Filling Materials Consist?

The most used material in the world and in our country is Hyaluronic Acid. As we age, the amount of hyaluronic acid in our skin decreases, so to prevent wrinkles, fillers containing hyaluronic acid contribute to the skin.

Apart from special filling materials, fillers can also be injected from people’s own fat.

There are permanent and temporary fillers. The permanent substance is silicone. It is applied once and is permanent. For temporary ones, it is necessary to apply again after a certain period of time. The temporary filling application is more advantageous. It is advantageous to make the desired changes at regular intervals.

Hyraluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance and is found in the cartilage, skin, joints and eyes of living things. Apart from the substances containing Hyaluronic Acid, there are substances containing Collagen, Containing Calcium Hydroxyl Apatite and Polylactic Acid.

Where Are Fillers Used?

It is also used for accidental deformities in lines on the forehead, acne scars, nose-lip groove, lip plumping, crow’s feet around the eyes, detention pits, hand backs, regional symmetries in the nose, pits in the corners of the mouth, chin and cheek dimples.

• Filling is applied when botox is insufficient in crow’s feet around the eyes.

• Filling is applied in the under-eye pits to give a younger appearance. In addition, sagging cheeks are slightly lifted upwards.

• It can be applied on the back of the hand, on the back of the hand with thinned bones and tendons.

• Lip Filling, lip edge and wrinkles here are given an aesthetic appearance with the filling process.

What Should You Pay Attention To After Filling Application?

You should not do steam bath, make-up and sauna for the first 12 hours. You need to be protected from extreme cold and sunlight for a few days.

How Do Fillers Work?

The filler applied under the skin fuses with the surrounding tissue, gains more volume by holding water molecules. It gives smoothness and density to the applied tissue.

Does Filler Have Side Effects?

There may be some swelling in the first minutes of the application. This swelling goes away with ice application.

Is Filling Permanent or Temporary Better?

Temporary fillings are advantageous. Desired changes can be made in the applications made at certain intervals. We also recommend temporary fillings. It is important that the changes can be eliminated after the application and that undesirable results are eliminated.

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