Filial therapy


Every parent has strengths and weaknesses. As parents, we are not born with the art of being a parent, and while raising our children, we need to gain knowledge and skills in this area. At this point, Filial play therapy gives you the knowledge and skills you need and strengthens your relationship with your child.

Every family needs to strengthen or restructure their communication and relationships with their children by participating in Filial therapy. As a parent, you do not need to have a problem with your child to participate in Filial play therapy. Because filial therapy teaches you how to play with your child, how to strengthen your communication, how to establish your relationship, how to enter your child’s world and speak in his language. After gaining these skills, you become your child’s play therapist as a result of Filial play therapy.

You can continue to apply these therapies in your home regularly for a few months or in a few years if you deem necessary. You don’t have to have a problem child to learn filial play therapy. Filial play therapy is also done with children without any problems and it is beneficial in the development of many positive attitudes and behaviors in the child. With filial play therapy, you will experience the improvement in your communication with your child day by day.

What Are the Benefits of Filial Play Therapy for Parents?

Strengthens the parent-child relationship

By learning the characteristics of children’s developmental period, it enables them to better understand their emotions, thoughts and behaviors.

Helps them to know and understand their children better

Learns the way children communicate and allows them to try to establish a dialogue accordingly.

Provides the opportunity to spend quality and productive time with their children

What Are the Benefits of Filial Play Therapy for Children?

Gives children the ability to better express themselves and their needs

It gives children the ability to manage and recognize their emotions.

It gives children the ability to solve problems they encounter in daily life.

Children’s self-confidence and entrepreneurial characteristics develop

Existing behavioral disorders in children are reduced by playing hours

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