It is a disease that is known as muscle rheumatism among the people, but unlike other rheumatic diseases, it does not cause damage to the joints or organs, and is accompanied by constant pain. It can be seen in all ages and genders, usually in middle-aged and urban women. By definition; There are pains above and below the body, on the right and left side of the body for more than 3 months, independent of activity. Sensitivity caused by suppression in some of the 18 special points in the body defined for this disease is also among the diagnostic criteria. There are other complaints as well.

Fatigue: No matter how much the person rests, the feeling of tiredness does not go away. Sleeping is not the solution. He feels tired all the time during the day. During sports, the person sometimes feels extremely tired, and sometimes, on the contrary, feels better. However, aerobic exercises that accelerate the heartbeat are one of the most important parts of the treatment.

SLEEPING PROBLEMS: The person has difficulty falling asleep and waking up, he falls asleep when he should be active. They usually do not benefit from treatments. Insomnia brings stress and other problems, and stress brings sleep problems.

BOTTOM PROBLEMS: There is usually constipation, but the main event is the irregularity of defecation or the feeling of incomplete evacuation. Often the complaint of bloating is also added.

URINARY PROBLEMS: These patients have a frequent urge to urinate and infection should be ruled out.

DEPRESSION: Fibromyalgia patients are often moody and have low energy. Each problem triggers the other. Professional help is absolutely necessary in the fight against depression.

JAW JOINT PROBLEMS: In FMS, dysfunction in the jaw joint is frequently seen. Stuck in the jaw, noises, pain, teeth grinding at night.

In addition to this bookish information, my personal opinion is that Fibromyalgia is actually a rebellion of bodies that deserve to be healthy (genetically) to people who don’t live as they deserve. Minor inflammatory reactions occur at the neuromuscular junction. Anything that increases this reaction exacerbates the complaints.

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