Fibrocell (Youth vaccine: Stem cell vaccine)

Fibrocell it is an autologous treatment method; performed using the patient’s own cells. For this reason, some risks such as allergies are not experienced. The skin behind the ear is preferred because it is not affected by the harmful effects of the sun.

Some tissue losses due to accidents and childbirth can be treated with this method. In addition, Fibrocell can be applied in wrinkle treatments, scars and skin scars. Stem cells; They are the cells that are the source of all cells that can transform into all cells in the body since their formation and have the capacity to renew themselves continuously. It is the most important resource for the survival of the organism. Stem cells take different names according to their maturation stage.

In cases of injury or damage to tissues, stem cells are only a small percentage of the tissue that differentiates into the tissue it is in and provides repair. Stem cells were initially only available through bone marrow biopsy. In recent years, it has been determined that adipose tissue contains a higher percentage of stem cells than bone marrow and has begun to be used; However, injections requiring high volume and requiring surgical procedures have limited their use. In addition, it is not entirely possible for the injected adipose tissue to adhere. In Fibrocell application, collagen synthesis starts from the injection of fibroblast cells produced after skin biopsy behind the ear into the tissue. Injected cultured fibroblast cells initiate the regeneration process in the areas that need to be regenerated in the tissue. What Problems Fibrocell

Can it be used in the treatment?

Chronic wounds that do not heal, Treatment of pit-shaped scars that may occur after acne or chickenpox, Treatment of cavities and scars after burns, trauma, surgery, Filling the lips, Elimination of facial wrinkles

How is the Application Made?

After tissue biopsy is taken and fibroblast cells are multiplied, the cell-rich solution obtained is injected into the areas where collagen production will be stimulated. The application is done in 3 sessions with 3 week intervals.

Is the Treatment of Fibrocell Application Continuous?

Although it varies depending on the patient, the first effects begin to be seen after the second injection. There are also patients in whom the effect is visible immediately after the first injection. The effect continues gradually up to 12 months. Healing and effect are long lasting and research results vary between 4-5 years.

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