Do you think your child is getting enough fiber?

The recommended daily fiber consumption for adults is 25-30 grams. So how is this for children?

Consumption of 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily is sufficient to meet the fiber requirement. For those who say they want it in grams, the American Pediatric Association has found an easy solution and said:

2mri8ZZzbnFJipL d1YuKXl9kUl7Emc5wGWl1cC1sEOTpltxw QnWe8RgF48SDolS2X1eBR R7v19rOE2si40k eU2fihdK▪️Your child’s age+5 = Daily fiber (grams)2mri8ZZzbnFJipL d1YuKXl9kUl7Emc5wGWl1cC1sEOTpltxw QnWe8RgF48SDolS2X1eBR R7v19rOE2si40k eU2fihdK▪️

Why is this fiber so important?

It has a great effect on reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases, especially the digestive system, and preventing cancer and obesity. It is rich in vitamins and minerals as well as helping to prevent constipation.

Our main sources of fiber are fruits and vegetables, but grained vegetables-beans/legumes, nuts and whole grain foods.

In order for us to say that it is an excellent fiber source in packaged products, when we look at the label on the back, it should read 5 grams or more against the fiber value. Our criterion for a good fiber source is that it contains 3 grams of fiber.

written on the packaging FIBER SOURCELet’s not believe your posts, let’s get conscious and read tags, my dear followers (it is written just below the amount of carbohydrates).

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