Few Decisions, Most Losses

For years, we, as experts, emphasized that parents should spend quality time with their children, we prepared content, we conveyed methods and activities, but I guess we missed a topic…

Especially considering our own society, do we sometimes exaggerate some things when we say “I will do my best” or “I will do it very well”? I think that’s why we do good and throw it into the sea.

The importance of parents in the child’s life is undeniable, especially in the first 6 years, they become a model with their behaviors and attitudes as well as genetics transferred as caregivers. For this reason, every behavior done is actually passed on to the next generation. For this reason, it is important for parents to spend time with the child (for quality or any other reason). “Mother and fatherhood is a profession that requires creativity”, yes it is a profession because think of it like a needlepoint that you embroider, like a flower that you water, care for and eagerly await its growth… There is labor involved. This is why we take ownership of the things we work for.

When it comes to creativity, every child is special and unique. Just like we adults once were (good to remember once in a while). Therefore, although there are certain child-rearing methods and techniques, it does not work for every child. Being creative will come into play here, the parents will observe the child well, try to understand and create their own discipline within the family accordingly, and will do games and activities according to their abilities and potentials.
Few decisions, most losses. Because too much of everything is harmful, a mother or father who misunderstands to spend quality time with the child as in the cartoon may alienate their child from themselves and may not see their real needs. Dear parents, you can use the game to spend time with the child, you can see all the needs and potentials of the child. The child will guide you in the game. Just listen to them…

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