Female-to-Male Transformation Surgeries

Within the framework of our surgical procedure, the breasts and internal genital organs of the person are first removed during the first surgery. Since we remove the entire breast from the area of ​​the nipple in the technique we apply when removing the breasts, there are no surgical scars in the patient’s chest area, and the scar around the nipple is not visible in the dark tissue. Obstetricians and gynecologists take the patient’s uterus, ovaries and ovaries in the same session, and the vagina is removed. What is important here is the removal of almost the entire vagina, which requires an experienced gynecologist.

After approximately 6-8 months, the person will be ready for the second surgery. In this surgery, scrotum and penile reconstruction is done to the person. The scrotum is used on the external genital organ of the person, the small lips and the pubic area on the clitoris. In this way, the skin color of the scrotum becomes close to its normal color. In addition, scrotum reconstruction is performed without the need for testicular prostheses by using this fatty and thick tissue. Although there are many techniques for penile reconstruction, we use the ‘radial forearm flap’ fibular where the anterior and lateral skin surfaces of the arm are used, and the ‘fibular bone-skin flap’ which includes the skin covering the shinbone and outer surface of the leg. Microsurgical techniques must be used in these surgeries. Microsurgery is a procedure performed under magnification called a microscope or surgical loop. In these surgeries, it is taken together with the penile vessels prepared from the regions I have described, and placed on the upper part of the newly made scrotum, and the circulation of the tissue is ensured by combining the vessels prepared in that region with the vessels of the new penile tissue under the microscope. If penile reconstruction is achieved by using fibular bone and skin, a second surgery is not needed since the hardness will be achieved with this bone. However, if a radial forearm flap is used, inflatable or breakable penile prostheses should be used later to provide rigidity to the penis. In my opinion, both techniques have advantages and disadvantages over each other. The right thing is for the patient and the surgeon to discuss and decide which surgery to prefer. However, as a personal opinion and feedback from my patients, the fibular bone may dissolve in the penis over time. In addition, some patients may have osteomyelitis, which we call permanent bone infection, in this bone, albeit in the late period. For this reason, I have to say that I had to remove this bone in some of my patients.

In the radial forearm flap, some of my patients are disturbed by the scars in the arm region.

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