Feed Your Heart Thinking During the Holiday


It was stated that the risk of heart attack may increase if the person is overloaded with heavy meals after the month of Ramadan.

Cardiology Specialist Özgür Öz stated that the metabolism slows down during Ramadan and that you should not worry about eating immediately after you leave Ramadan. Reminding that the last days of Ramadan are approaching, Doctor Öz said, “Now, we are ahead of the holiday. Since there are issues related to nutrition both in Ramadan and Eid, and about cardiovascular diseases that occur as a result of metabolic disorders related to nutrition, people need to be informed about cardiovascular diseases. Especially vascular patients need to take precautions. Of course, our patients with heart failure who have had a heart attack are among us. We made some suggestions for heart failure patients, especially in order to prevent electrolyte balance disorders if they use drugs such as diuretics during these long days, or in order to prevent heart attack from occurring again by triggering high adrenaline due to low sugar in patients who had a recent heart attack. We are ahead of the holiday, what happens during the holiday, people’s metabolism slows down during Ramadan, and during the holiday, we can enter with such a psychology as if our body will enter Ramadan again. It can lead to an increase in width, an increase in blood sugar, and an increase in the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases related to them in the future, as well as triggering cardiovascular diseases in the active period at that time. You have to be careful in this regard.”


Saying that the body is an adaptation mechanism, Öz said: “When we are hungry, we adapt to hunger, when we are dehydrated, we adapt to thirst over time. Of course, during the Ramadan period, the days are very long, there was a situation of not eating for about 17 hours. In this case, our body engages in activities aimed at both slowing down the metabolism and replenishing the stores as much as possible. When we look at it from the point of view of our body, an organization is developing, as if preparing for a famine. Of course, if we make a sudden load on such a body, what we eat before breaking this habitual process can both cause weight gain and cause loads in blood sugar. These can reveal metabolic diseases and possible cardiovascular diseases in the future. In other words, healthy people should pay attention to these issues. It should be said that it is beneficial to go a little more controlled in the process until the metabolism accelerates.”


Doctor Öz concluded his words by stating that nutrition is actually an effort: “In other words, we can say that eating two flights of stairs or three flights of stairs increases the load of the heart at the same rate. Therefore, heavy meals reveal the functioning of the intestines and the need for blood in the intestines increases, and the heart works harder to provide this, the load of the heart increases, which can trigger crises. So, it is always necessary to avoid sudden loads. I hope everyone’s holiday will be very good. In order for it to be good, it is necessary to be healthy, not to be overloaded. You have to go under control. Especially those who are overweight, those with heart failure, those with cardiovascular disease, and those with metabolic disorders need to pay a little more attention to these issues.”

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