February 15 Valentine’s Day

One day before, that is, on February 13, a dozen of red roses were sold for 10 TL. On 14 February, 50 TL for one. did you give

But have you paid a small fortune for a romantic dinner at cramped tables, where the cheek of the man next door is much closer to you than the cheek of your lover?

Great… Did you buy an expensive gift for your lover by taking a taxi for 12 months and contribute to the consumption frenzy? Is he okay too? It means that you are one of those who love their lover very much.

This tradition, which dates back to almost 2000 years and has been celebrated in Western countries for the last 200 years, is celebrated as Valentine’s Day every year with the effective use of mass media. Of course, I have nothing to say to those who experience these feelings every day of the year. But I would like to remind the “February 14 Lovers”; Love is an act of courage. Love is a feeling that should be experienced not in words, but in the heart, not in social media posts.

Love requires sacrifice.

Because love is not love if it is lived so cheaply that you smother your loved one with expensive gifts. The sanctity of love is beyond a commercial agreement, being us, not you. Love is the only emotion that cannot be experienced by calculating. Love is more than a journey made by agreement on paper, it is the ability to overcome all obstacles hand in hand. Love is not in the showcase you show, but in the spring branches that bloom inside you. Love is not a profit and loss calculation like an inventory book and you are happy when you win, it is a sacred feeling that special people will experience, fearlessly, like a man, like a woman, like a human being.

By the way, I would like to make a small reminder to the lovers who are not married yet, but who are planning their marriage.

If your lover remembers that you are “Beloved” only on February 14, remember that the day you get for the wedding will be “February 30”.

Happy day to those who do not forget that they are lovers on February 15th.

I wish you healthy days…

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