Fear of the challenge “agoraphobia”

Agoraphobia can be considered as a person’s intense anxiety about going out alone, being alone, being in crowded environments. What are we talking about when we say crowded environments? ”Cinema, bridge, passage, tunnel, bus, market place etc. ”. When a person is in such environments or thinks they are in such environments, he or she experiences a period of intense anxiety and dysfunctional thoughts that something will happen to him, that he will be helpless and disgraced. As long as the person spends intensely, some bodily reactions may accompany. For example, tremors, palpitations, dizziness.

When we look at agoraphobia, we can say that it is mostly seen together with panic disorder. This process actually starts with the fear of having a relapse in places where the person had panic attacks. The person creates avoidance in order not to have an attack, and spatial avoidance causes narrowing in the areas where he can go after a while. As a matter of fact, a person may become afraid to leave the house after a certain period of time.

You can follow the agoraphobia process in the sample text where the symptoms are discussed. I would like to point out that the intensity of anxiety and the areas of avoidance behavior differ from person to person.

No, it’s not possible! I can’t be alone, I can’t go out alone, no one should expect me to walk around in crowded places, I can’t do these things. I can’t get on the elevator, I’ll stay If I panic, I won’t be able to calm down, I’ll be stuck and everyone will flock to me. No! I don’t want to be disgraced so I shouldn’t leave the house. (This is the sample text)

To overcome..

In the mind of the person with agoraphobia, there are thoughts based on not entering environments where he or she will not feel well. He has all the necessary thoughts to consider the panic attacks he will experience when he enters and not to leave his own safe zone. Recognizing the faulty points in one’s thoughts and making the content of the thought they attribute healthy and functional will be the most important and solid step in overcoming agoraphobia.

Taking the second step at the point where thought errors are noticed, that is, “acting”. It can be said to be the last hurdle to come to good days. A picture of the avoided and feared environments can be made from the least feared to the most feared, and the set spatial goals can be successfully achieved one by one.

After that, Hello Square. Upright posture and a big word “I’m not afraid”.

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