Faulty contact lenses cause dry eye

Contact lens making is an art, a field of interest. Do not think that a contact lens can be given with a simple measurement. Contact lens has more than 20 features, its diameter, curve and water ratio are the simplest features. With this simple feature, you can’t look at the internet and buy lenses.

The quality of the tear: Looking at the amount of tears with the Schirmer test is not enough to give a lens. Density (osmolarity), breakage time, obstruction of the Meibomus gland should be evaluated.

Not every contact lens fits every eye:Contact lenses have so many different features, the doctor chooses according to the condition of the eye and writes the prescription.

The item of the lens: It is the most important issue. Moisture, water retention and permanence are important features.

The water ratio of the lens: If the water content of the lens is high, the lens will increase and it will absorb the water of the eye like a sponge. After a while, the patient cannot use contact lenses even for 10 minutes.

The circulation of tears in the eye: Tears circulate between the eye and the lens. The narrowness and abundance affect this as well as the quality of the tears.

Lens floats and catches the eye:

Eye grip of the lens: When the patient looks up with the lens, the lens should shift 1 mm down. If it doesn’t slide or if it slides too much, it shows that it doesn’t grip. The biggest doctor mistake is to measure the diameter of the curve and give lenses accordingly. The material of the lens, its water content, and some structural features distort this calculation.

Narrow lens:If the lens is narrow, it puts pressure on the eye and tears do not accumulate between the lens and the eye.

Abundant lens:Loose lenses are like loose shoes, they rub against the eye, cause wounds, and slide down the tears that should accumulate between the lens and the eye.

Laser and dry eye: “I can’t use lenses,” he goes to laser application to throw away the glasses. However, laser is the most serious cause of dry eye. It increases the complaints exponentially.
Contact lens disruption: The patient does not buy the lens prescribed by the doctor as the lens I am used to. The seller directs to the lens in stock. The patient chooses according to the price on the internet. It thinks it is a suitable lens when its diameter is curved.
In summary, incorrect lens application is the cause of serious dry eye. It is necessary to take the lenses prescribed by the doctor and not to neglect the controls.

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