Father in Child’s World

According to the widespread view in the scientific world in recent years, the first relationships established by the child in the first years of his life have a significant impact on how he perceives the world and on the new relationships he will establish in the future. A person is born into relationships, gets hurt in relationships, and heals in relationships.

Fathers play an important role in the development of their children, in healthy family relationships, and in a healthy society. Although intensive studies have been made on motherhood and mother-child relationship, fatherhood and father-child relationship have not been studied much until recently. However, recent studies in the world and in our country emphasize that the father has an important place in the child’s life and mention the importance of child-father interaction.

According to most sources, the period between the ages of 0-7 is of great importance for the personality development of the individual. In this context, it is essential for the father to be physically and emotionally present in the child’s life during early childhood, to spend effective time with the child, to encourage the child to act independently, to contribute to the healthy development of both himself and the child by fulfilling his responsibilities in the family.

If we briefly list what we recommend to fathers for the healthy development of the child;

Treat the child’s mother with respect

The best thing a father can do for the child’s benefit is a quality relationship with the child’s mother. If you are with your spouse and you are married, try to keep your bond strong and your relationship alive. If you’re not together or divorced, it’s important to maintain your respect and supportive approach. By observing the relationship of two adults who respect each other, the child will have a secure perception of the world. Thus, the child grows up as a respectable and accepted individual in this environment of trust, with health.

Show your child your love and listen

Knowing that he is loved and born willingly gives the child confidence. Loving and showing affection by touching and feeling good feelings while doing this strengthens the bond between the child and the adult. In order for the child to feel that their thoughts are valued and that their problems are cared for, it is important that the child gets enough rest actively, focusing only on them, without preoccupation with anything else.

Set healthy boundaries

Every child needs adult guidance and boundaries. In order for the child to know and develop himself, it is necessary to distinguish between himself and the other. Instead of punishment and excessive praise, it is valuable to sometimes talk about the results of his choices, and sometimes to give him the opportunity to experience it by living, and to praise the behavior of the child and show him that he is seen in the things he does well, not himself. Children of parents who naturally protect boundaries in a clear, clear, consistent and comfortable way feel that they are loved ones, and they learn when and where to stop or continue in this safe environment with the comfort of this.

Create opportunities to model by spending time together

The meal eaten together is a social sharing rather than filling the stomach. It is an important part of healthy family relationships. Boys identify with their fathers by spending time with them, take models, girls experience healthy relationships with boys in this way, and these experiences affect their relationship choices in their later lives.

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