Fat removal (laser lipolysis – liposuction)

When it comes to fat removal, the miracle method liposuction (liposuction) comes to mind. It is the most effective and permanent method in regional body shaping and the result can be seen immediately after the surgery. For this procedure, the body structure of the person is evaluated while standing. The surgery is planned by determining the areas with more fat compared to other areas. Liposuction method should not be seen as a slimming or weight loss tool, if the goal is to lose weight, the preferred way should be diet and exercise. Liposuction also targets extra fat or protruding parts that do not go away with weight loss, and should be considered as a shaving and sculpting procedure. For example, protruding hips or accumulation of fat in the abdomen, thick arms, thin upper part of the body and thick lower part can be counted. It is not necessary to be overweight to have liposuction surgery, in fact, most patients who have this procedure have a normal weight. No method, including instrumental methods aimed at slimming or regional thinning, is as permanent and effective as liposuction, while other methods lead to results with effects such as lymph drainage and edema distribution, liposuction literally removes the fat layer and provides permanent thinning.

Many patients complain that when they lose too much weight, other parts of their body, such as the face, collapse and there is not enough weight loss in the areas they want. This result is very natural because in these people, this fat distribution is structural and this situation is genetically determined. Liposuction, that is, fat removal, aims to change this structure. In the liposuction method, since only the excess fat is removed from the area that is desired to be thinned, a smooth surface of equal thickness is formed and since the cells with fat storage are taken out, it is not possible for these areas to become fat again because fat cells do not have the ability to reproduce.

Liposuction method has passed through important stages in the first years of its application until today. The sizes, types and pressures of the cannulas used during the operation have changed as well as the application methods.

Liposuction surgery is often confused with other liposuction surgeries, such as liposuction from the abdomen during tummy tuck surgery, these methods are completely different and independent from each other. Liposuction can be added to tummy tuck surgery or these two operations can support each other, but they are not interchangeable. Abdominal, leg and arm stretching operations are aimed at removing excess skin and/or muscle laxity, while liposuction aims to reduce the shape of fat distribution and excess fat.

This surgery is performed under local or general anesthesia depending on the width of the area to be liposuction and the patient’s request. When applied to small areas, the patient can be sent home within a few hours. After the liposuction method, it is necessary to wear a corset for a few weeks after the liposuction method, the purpose of which is to reduce the swelling (edema) expected after the surgery and thus to accelerate the good appearance.

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