Fat injection in plastic surgery

There may be a gravity-related or congenital lack of volume on our face over time. Fat injection is mostly used on the face, but deficiencies in other areas of the body can be completed with fat injection. The reason for aging on the face is the sagging of adipose tissues and at the same time the decrease in its amount. Fat injection replaces this reduced fat, making the face look fuller and younger.

Fat tissue is taken by injector from any suitable body region, usually the abdomen. The fat tissue taken is then applied to areas such as the nose and mouth, lower and upper lip, folds extending from the nose edge to the lip corner, over the cheekbone, forehead lines, as needed, as needed.

It can be done alone or in combination with other surgeries.

It can be done with general anesthesia or local anesthesia depending on the area to be applied.

Depending on the area to be applied, the duration is between 30 minutes – 1 hour.

Bruising can be observed in the applied areas for 3-4 days.

Its effect lasts for about 5 years.

Adipose tissue is the tissue that contains the most stem cells. When adipose tissue is applied to the patient, stem cell therapy is also performed at the same time.

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