Fat Injection

fat injection

It is a procedure performed to remove the depressions, scars or deep wrinkles in the body by applying the fat tissues obtained from the patient’s own body to different body parts where needed, and to give the skin a younger appearance because it is rich in stem cells.

Adipose tissue graft is known as the most reliable and oldest filler, rejuvenation and regeneration of tissues in the areas where it is applied due to its excessive amount of stem cells has been proven for years, fat injection has been proven and used in all medical fields, especially aesthetics.

What is the difference (superiority) of Fat Injection from fillers?

  • Since it is taken from the person’s own tissues, there can be no allergic situation in the application of fat injection.

  • Due to the stem cells it contains, it provides a superior contribution in the production and rejuvenation of new tissue in the area where the adipose tissue is applied.

  • Where fat injection is required (as opposed to fillers) it can be applied in large quantities without any trouble and reliably

  • Compared to fillers, the cost of oil injection is lower and it is not a synthetic material.

Situations where fat injection is used;
Fat injection has uses in all medical fields, among which;

  • In the removal of under-eye depressions

  • Used as cheek filler

  • Removing depressions in the tear area

  • Depression and wrinkles on the face and cheeks

  • To improve leather quality

  • Correcting burn scars and improving skin quality,

  • correction of large depressions after an accident or as a result of some diseases,

  • In butt and breast enlargement and shaping,

  • As a lip augmentation,

  • It is used to remove acne scars and in more areas.

What can be done to increase the permanence of fat injection?

There are many techniques that will increase the permanence of the injected oil; Among these, some factors or drugs can be added to wash the oil with physiological saline, centrifuge the oil, reduce the contact between the oil and air, and increase the vitality of the oil.

How is fat injection applied?;
Adipose tissue is collected by applying negative pressure with the help of an injector under local or general anesthesia according to the area and amount applied, the collected adipose tissue is injected into the places needed by using special cannulas after some procedures (washing with serum or applying centrifuge), and the patient continues his normal daily life immediately after the procedure. can.

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