Fat Injection

In my opinion, fat injection is an application that has a clear path in both aesthetic and reconstructive surgery and still gives very satisfactory results. Because, although a certain amount of loss occurs in oil applications, the desired volume can be easily reached with repetitive applications. The most important difference from hyaluronic acid derivative fillers is that this is our body’s own tissue and it does not process it as foreign and destroys it. In fact, when the patient gains weight, he expands his volume in this area and acts in the opposite way when he loses weight.

Especially in plastic surgery, the heart shape on the face, which is the image of youth in the face area that loses its volume over time, leaves the cheekbones in a box shape instead of an image that tapers towards the full chin. Here, the fat tissue on the cheekbones has lost its volume or shifted downwards. There is a chance to provide a youthful appearance to the patient with these fat injections in women who do not have much sagging in the skin tissue. It is also known that the injected oil has a rejuvenating effect on the skin.

The patient group that I use most frequently in reconstructive surgery is the patients who have undergone breast reconstruction. In these, the upper part of the breast may not become full despite the surgeries. Here, the desired aesthetic result can be easily achieved with a few fat injections made into this area.

This treatment method, of which I have given only a few examples above, can be used successfully and safely in many other aesthetic and reconstructive surgeries.

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