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‘How can I lose weight fast?’ ‘fast weight loss methods’ ‘fast weight loss recipes’.. when it comes to weight loss, perhaps the topics that occupy the search engines the most! Most individuals who complain about their excess weight try many healthy or unhealthy methods to lose weight quickly and reach the fit body they want.

So what do you know about these methods? Which ones are healthy? At what rate should we lose weight? What are the points to consider?

All the questions about rapid weight loss are in this article from the eyes of an expert!

How to Lose Weight Fast?

Losing weight is basically based on a very simple logic. If we take fewer calories than we need and spend daily, what we call a ‘calorie deficit’ occurs and weight loss occurs. There are many ways to create this so-called calorie deficit. Some of us starve themselves for hours for this, some of us are fed very low calorie foods and drinks that are poor in nutrients. Most diet programs and industrial products that promise rapid weight loss are also based on this.

Is It Healthy To Lose Weight Fast?

The point that an individual with the aim of losing weight should pay attention to; It should not be the speed of weight loss, but how healthy and permanent the lost weight is.

Starving ourselves for the sake of rapid weight loss and skipping meals with products such as shakes; Although it makes us lose weight quickly in the first place, the weight lost is definitely not healthy. Because the programs that create a calorie deficit in order to lose weight fast; They do not contain enough nutrients such as fiber, vitamins and minerals and cannot provide the protein, carbohydrate and fat balance we need for the functioning of our body.

One of the most important points of healthy weight loss; is the preservation of fat and muscle balance. Shock diets for rapid weight loss cause serious muscle loss rather than reducing the fat rate. This means that even if the individual loses weight, they are not in a healthy body composition.

In addition to these; Applications for rapid weight loss threaten human health in the following ways:

  • Long-term fasting and insufficient calorie intake cause the metabolism to slow down. With the slowing of the metabolism, the digestive functions begin to malfunction and over time, the functioning of the body deteriorates.

  • As a result of insufficient fiber intake, our intestinal health begins to deteriorate and many discomforts occur, especially constipation.

  • Inadequate vitamin and mineral intake is one of the most important obstacles to our strong immunity. A weak immune system means the body is unable to fight off disease.

  • Since the body cannot get enough energy; It uses the liver to provide the energy it needs and increases the risk of related diseases as it tires the liver. Organs can be irreversibly damaged.

  • As a result of the shock diets applied, situations such as sudden heart attacks, weakness, dizziness, low blood pressure, and sudden worsening may occur.

In addition to physical problems that negatively affect our health, diets and programs that are excessively restricted also cause negative emotional effects. It has been proven by many studies that constant hunger and nutritional dissatisfaction cause mental disorders such as depression.

What is the weight loss rate recommended by experts?

The recommended weight change by following a healthy and adequate diet program is 4-6 kilos per month. Accordingly, it is normal to lose 1-1.5 kilos per week. The World Health Organization (WHO) also states that the weekly weight loss amount should be 0.5-1 kilograms. Generally, a higher weight loss is seen with water loss in the first week, but it should return to the specified ranges in the future.

These values ​​vary depending on the age, gender, level of physical activity, compliance with the diet and many other factors. When these weight loss values ​​are exceeded too much; Your chances of losing muscle increase, the efficiency of your diet decreases, and all your systems that control your body are put at risk. In order to avoid possible negativities; It is recommended that you apply nutrition programs that will support this rapid weight loss.

Things to Do to Lose Weight at a Healthy Speed

  • First, set realistic goals for yourself and try to progress gradually and reach these goals without losing your motivation.

  • There is no miraculous food for healthy weight loss and fat burning, but the most effective way; drink enough water! Consume water, which is the most basic nutrient that will support your weight loss, at least “your weight x 30 ml” daily.

  • Adequate protein intake is effective in weight loss as it will provide saturation and accelerate muscle building. The best resources; eggs, red and white meat, fish, dairy products, legumes.

  • Consume adequate amounts of fat and choose healthy sources of fat. Instead of saturated fats such as butter and margarine, try to consume unsaturated fats such as olive oil, almonds, walnuts.

  • Use your carbohydrate preferences in favor of complex carbohydrates. Whole grain bread should be preferred instead of white bread, and bulgur instead of rice. At the same time, oats should be included in the diet lists as it is an effective food with its fiber content and satiety.

  • Increase your consumption of seasonal vegetables and fruits. The fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you will get from these foods will support you in losing weight and improving your health.

  • Get support from herbal teas: Herbal teas such as green tea, white tea, cherry stem tea, mate, corn tassel will help both fight edema and burn fat.

  • Eliminate refined sugar, processed packaged foods, acidic beverages, pastries from your life.

  • Choose the right cooking methods: Instead of frying and roasting, prefer cooking methods such as boiling, grilling, oven, steaming, oil-free pan.

  • Provide variety in your diet. When you always follow the same routine, your weight loss rate will decrease. For this reason, in order to surprise your metabolism, small changes in meal times, trying different herbal teas, changing the contents of the meals, doing exercises of different intensity will support your weight loss and the efficiency of your diet.

  • Feel your hunger and adjust your portions just enough. Avoid emotional eating.

  • Be physically active. Although it varies from person to person, exercises that you will do at least 2-3 days a week will help you lose weight. In order to move more, use the stairs instead of the elevator, walk to the places you can go instead of the car, try to do sports at home with sample videos.

  • Don’t be weighed every day. It is best to weigh yourself once a week, wearing the same clothes, after fasting for 12 hours, after using the toilet. Being weighed every day may cause a loss of motivation as it will not reflect the desired weight loss.

  • Try to keep a food diary. It can be effective in controlling what you eat during the day and noticing the mistakes made.

To lose weight in a healthy and correct way; The weight loss suggested in this article should be achieved and a healthy diet should be adapted to our lives. My suggestion on this matter; planning your diet and keeping track of your weight in the company of a nutritionist. Do not forget that; each individual is unique and our diet should adapt to our living standards, eating habits and daily routine. It is vital to protect our health not to rely on unscientific companies, products and shock diet lists for faster results.

I hope this blog post has been illuminating on the topic of rapid weight loss. Stay tuned for more!

I wish you healthy days.

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