Family Communication Problem

Communication problems within the family are undoubtedly a problem frequently seen in our age. It is a communication problem in almost every household. Especially at the time of entry into adolescence psychology, children’s problems of communication within the family increase. It is a type of problem that can be experienced not only at the time of entering adolescence, but at all times. In fact, there is no need for any therapy or psychologist counseling to solve this problem. However, if the family miscommunication problem is more than normal, individual counseling or collective therapy may be considered. For the solution method of this problem, it is generally recommended to spend time with the family. This is one of the most useful methods.

Communication problems within the family can also be seen as pressure from parents to children who have entered the adolescent psychology. However, of course, there may be miscommunication within the family in a family without adolescents. Of course, going after a child who has entered the psychology of puberty will be very wearisome. In such cases, a solution should be sought urgently and the miscommunication within the family should be eliminated.

Behaviors That Mom and Dad Shouldn’t Do

Undoubtedly, there are behaviors that parents should not do towards their children. Assuming that these behaviors are done, serious problems may occur in the family structure and the development of the child. Here are the behaviors that parents should not do:

  • Guidance should not be given by giving orders. On the contrary, you should always be in contact with the child.

  • The child should not be warned by being frightened. This situation can cause serious damage to the psychology of the child.

  • Over-praising the child will negatively affect the child’s development in the long run. You should not over-praise.

  • Allow the child to express himself.

  • Do not ask questions that will force or humiliate the child.

These and similar situations will affect the child negatively and may cause a situation that will require him to go to a psychologist in the future.

Suggestions for Solutions in Family Miscommunication

In severe miscommunication, individual therapy assistance may be required. Apart from this, spending time with the family in a light miscommunication will eliminate this problem. Solution suggestions for family miscommunication are as follows:

  • To develop empathy within the family.

  • To act transparently in the family.

  • To create an atmosphere of respect in the family.

  • Spending time with family.

Practicing these behaviors is one of the best methods to prevent miscommunication within the family.

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