People are usually born into a family. He finds his mother, father and other elders ready when he opens his eyes to the world, and this is not his choice. Along with life, he embarks on a life path where he makes his own choices.

Spouse choice and marriage is a choice. In order to become a family on the basis of love and respect of two people from two different worlds; come together, the sacred structure we call marriage is formed. In our country, without knowing each other very well and without having a quality dating period; The signed marriages do not continue happily.

In addition, the loss of romance and excitement between spouses in the marriage process reveals marriages that continue in the name of children. At this point, Family and Couple therapy, that is, the support of a specialist is required. In Family and Couple therapy, it is ensured that the spouses see each other again. Communication skills are gained. Marriages, which are destroyed both by economic problems and by cheating and arguments, are presented to the evaluation of the spouses with their causes and consequences, and they are confronted with the events.

One of the functions of Family and Couples therapy is to ensure that spouses spend effective and quality time. It is to help people live without blaming each other without losing their self-respect. Family and couple therapies are also not found guilty. Causes are emphasized and exemplary interventions are made on developing new attitudes. No matter what marriage; It has worn a little over time. It is extremely beneficial to receive a Family and Couple therapy and to see a specialist support in this regard. It is a fact that the children of a happy family will also be mentally healthy. Being aware that a happy family will create a happy society; I suggest you seek help with your family.

Stay with love

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