False Myopia

Converting false myopia to permanent myopia is the most serious professional mistake. Many people wear glasses for life for this reason.

* Don’t buy glasses right away, give the body time to develop preventive mechanisms.

* Be sure to have medicated measurements in new myopia.

*Measure the anterior posterior diameter of the eye, evaluate lens swelling and elongation of the anterior posterior diameter with this measurement.

False myopia, transient myopia: These are different concepts. As you read the topic, you will understand the difference between the two.

Converting false myopia to permanent myopia:Evaluate false myopia well and do not make your child a victim of glasses for life.

Disrupting the eye with glasses: Giving glasses in false myopia and condemning them to glasses for life is one of the serious health problems of this country. You should definitely read the thread.

Glasses love 🙁 Simulation) School children are very interested in this work. He pretends not to see, and some of them are so adept at it that they even convince the doctor, they even deceive the measuring machine if they don’t have a medicated examination. Remember! Monkeys with healthy eyes were put on glasses of -3.00 and after 2 months, changes in the eyes suitable for the size of -3.00 developed, and they could not see without wearing glasses. The brain plays an important role in this change and the anterior posterior diameter is lengthened to correct the deteriorated clarity.

Changes in the lens are the cause of false myopia:

* Take care of stress: Some hormones released in the body due to stress cause temporary swelling of the lens in the eye. The lens collects water and swells. Temporary myopia of 2-3 degrees occurs in the eye. When the body relaxes, myopia returns to its original state. In this period, the anterior posterior diameter of the eye is of normal length.

* Pay attention to blood sugar changes:Daily blood sugar changes cause an eye number.

*Cortisone drugs:The use of cortisone medication collects water in the lens and causes temporary myopia.

*Strong fit is the cause of serious false myopia: Working too closely causes the ciliary muscle in the eye to contract and cause false myopia. Wearing glasses during this period causes lifelong use of glasses. Harmony relaxation exercises will improve vision.

*Focusing and fixation: Inadequate focusing and fixation is the cause of temporary myopia. Loosening of the fibers around the lens causes low vision. This situation is tried to be eliminated by giving myopic glasses.

Eyelid prints:In cases where the eyelids are tight, temporary and false myopia occurs.

Balance disorders between eye muscles:Extremely close work causes excessive contraction of the 6+6 muscles outside the eye, and the balance between them is disrupted and temporary myopia occurs.

Sudden eye pressure rises: Insufficient light, stress enlarge the pupil and cause temporary myopia by causing eye pressure to rise. Please do not wear glasses immediately in small numbers.

There are a lot of technical topics to talk about. In summary, don’t start wearing glasses right away, give the body and brain time to recover the eye.

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