Faded picture ”depression”

We can define depression as a deterioration in emotions, thoughts, behaviors and physical symptoms.

It would be appropriate to set aside all scientific concepts in order to elaborate on depression and to get more into this pale picture.

The person in the pale picture is really pale, pale. You may agree on the color of an object, but different results may arise about its hue. It would be appropriate to say “depression glasses”. However, the person did not wear these glasses voluntarily, and his own effort to remove them may be insufficient. First of all, we should know that depression is not a “nasty” that a person does to those around him.

Some of the observable symptoms are; It is actually an unmotivated process in the form of pessimism, hopelessness, a world of thought woven with negative thoughts, helplessness and not being able to enjoy anything. It is the supporting motivation in creating one’s future. A person who cannot find the strength to support their future cannot see any flower that is budding or blooming at that moment. “Depression glasses” not only prevent motivation, but also force the person to think about the situations that negatively affected him in the past. In the already difficult and tiring process, regrets about the past come to light. A person who cannot see the positive details of the past thinks that his future will be like his past.

At the same time, with the effect of depression; may experience impairments such as forgetfulness, distractibility, sleep disorders, increased or decreased appetite, which will affect the quality of life of the person.

Someone Depressed!

Is it the way I look at my reflection in the mirror has changed or have I really changed? Were the lines on my face so clear, did they say I’m here? When I smile, the lines that appear on my cheek seem to have moved to the corners of my eyes, which I look at with sadness. At the same time, how can the future be beautiful in the face of the past, which is not heartwarming at all, I am not in a hurry for anything, as if my actions and thoughts are always hopeless and long-term. I just eat to live. There comes a time when even living loses its meaning and I want to end my life. (example is text)

Is the progression of depression the same for everyone?

Just as the symptoms do not continue in the same way in any disease/disorder, the progression of depression actually varies from person to person. Therefore, no article you read may be sufficient for you to make a diagnosis. In this sense, it will be useful to get help from a specialist in order to illuminate the course of the problem you are experiencing.

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