facial rejuvenation


It is an area where significant progress has been made in recent years. The face is considered as a whole and a treatment plan is made considering the patient’s wishes. Single-session or step-by-step treatments may be preferred. We also have effective methods other than surgery. In the appropriate patient, fast and good results can be obtained with botulinum toxin, ready-made fillings, fat-stem cell-PRP injections, lasers, peeling processes and PCI (roller) treatment. However, it should be noted that these are not permanent and will need to be repeated at certain time intervals. By using small incisions hidden in appropriate places with endoscopic surgery and limited interventions, natural and permanent results can be obtained without causing excessive swelling and bruising. Intervention in more than one area can be performed more easily under general anesthesia.

To whom is it done?

Adults who have problems with signs of aging on their face and who want to look more vigorous and fresh are suitable candidates.

What are the non-surgical solutions?

Take botulinum toxin and it is very effective in rejuvenating the eye area. Its effect starts after 48-72 hours and continues for 2-7 months. The procedure is easy and painless.

Fillings containing hyaluronic acid and similar substances are used in the correction of facial recesses and grooves, and lip thickening. For this purpose, the patient’s own fat tissue is also used. Fat tissue is more durable than artificial fillings.

PRP (platelet rich plasma) injection is a very effective application in which our own cells are used.

PCI (roller therapy) is an up-to-date and effective method in which collagen is stimulated with many fine needles.

Lasers and chemical peels are widely used in skin rejuvenation.

When is surgery required?

Surgery is considered in cases where the above-mentioned options will be insufficient or in people who want permanent results. The operation is performed in the hospital under appropriate anesthesia.

What can be done ?

In recent years, significant progress has been made in this regard and better results can be obtained with shorter incisions. Brow lift, eyelid aesthetics, midface lift, face and neck lift surgeries are planned separately or together in line with the patient’s wishes and our recommendations.

Is it possible to hang with a rope?

As a temporary method yes, as all hangers loosen over time and tissues revert to their former state. It is more useful as an auxiliary method. Suspensions are already frequently used during surgery.

What is the recovery period?

The patient spends the first night in the hospital. Bandages and dressings on the face are kept for two days. The patient can wash and apply make-up. Swelling and bruises subside within 1 week-10 days and the patient returns to daily life.

What are the risks?

Secondary interventions may be required for minor problems, except for undesirable situations that may arise for each surgery.

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