Facial rejuvenation with Titan – laser genesis

It is a suitable treatment for patients who do not want to have facelift surgery. It is both more effective and painless than previously used radio frequency treatments.

This laser device, named after the Greek god of fire; While heating the subcutaneous tissue to the desired temperature, it simultaneously cools and protects the upper part of the skin with its unique patented cooling system. By shortening the collagen in the skin at the time of application; stretches the skin.

First, make one half of the patient’s face; The difference with the opposite side is shown in the mirror. It has been shown in scientific studies that the heated subcutaneous tissue forms new collagen tissue in the following days and months. Thus, the proliferation of collagens and the shortening of their length create a 3-dimensional rejuvenation. Treatment usually takes 1 hour, then there is a pinking of the face that can last 1-3 hours. The patient does not experience any pain or suffering during the procedure. Usually one session, if necessary, a second session after 1 month is sufficient. The changes in the skin after the treatment, which are explained and observed by the patients: decrease in the redness of the skin, narrowing of the enlarged pores, the skin feeling younger, alive and lively, and increased humidity. If Titan is applied together with Laser Genesis, 10-30% success can be achieved compared to surgical facelift.

It is a treatment method based on heating the skin surface with a special laser wavelength.

In this procedure, which takes about 15 minutes, no pain or ache is felt. Patients are recommended to apply 5 times with an interval of 2 weeks. With the laser, collagen increases in the subcutaneous tissue and the skin tightens; is getting younger.

These procedures, which are made and appreciated in increasing numbers in the world, are becoming more and more popular in Turkey as well.

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