Facial rejuvenation programs (stretching-renewal-filling-botox procedures)


As a person ages, the facial skin sags, wrinkles, and various spots and irregularities occur on it due to years, sun rays, daily stresses and other factors (outdoor pollution, smoking, drinking, malnutrition). When we look at an old face; We see prominent forehead and side lines, low eyebrows, sagging-wrinkled eyelids, bagged lower eyelids, deep rim and lip lines, impaired facial contour, deep neck lines and veiling. The skin has lost its vitality, sunspots and other moles have appeared on it, thinned and wrinkled.

We can collect the things that can be done against these signs of aging on the face in two main groups:

one . Face lift-renewal operations

Forehead lift – eyebrow lift

Cheek (face) lift

neck lift

Eyelid aesthetic


Other corrective surgeries (laser resurfacing procedures, removal of skin masses and moles, prosthesis applications on bone, skin peeling procedures, etc.)

2. Aesthetic applications on the face

Filling applications:
= Fat filling: Taking the person’s own fat and giving it to the cheeks, lips, eye area and other facial contours
= Removal of wrinkles, lips and minor irregularities with synthetic fillers

Renewals with laser – Skin rejuvenation with fractionated laser – stretching – spot removal – pore narrowing

Skin peeling procedures (Peeling)- Chemical (with acids), mechanical (dermabrasion) and laser peeling

Botox application (Removing skin wrinkles by relaxing the muscles)

Skin stimulation-revitalization processes: Applications such as dermoroller- mesotherapy- radiofrequency- infrared-vacuum- velashape

Cosmetic applications – Skin care, vitamin and hormone applications to the skin, creams and masks

Face Lift ( Facelift, Rhytidectomy )
The method of face lift surgery is decided according to the needs of the patient. In some patients, just stretching the cheeks or forehead area can produce a good result. If necessary, a total face lift (including forehead-cheek-neck-chin-under-eyelids) can also be performed. The purpose of face lift; sagging—stretching the excess skin and removing the excess, stretching and suspending the loosened muscles and membranes, suspending the displaced facial fat masses and pulling them back into place.
Facelift can be applied to any adult patient (female or male) between the ages of 30-75. These surgeries give the person a more tense, well-contoured and younger-looking face. Although the duration of the effects of the surgery varies according to the age of the patient, skin type, operation technique (full facelift or mini-lift, etc.), the effect lasts for 10 years on average. Facelift is a repeatable operation. Facelift does not stop aging, but it provides a younger appearance to the patient for his age.

Facelift surgeries are mostly performed under general anesthesia. If the patient wishes, local anesthesia can also be performed by giving a relaxing medication. Although every plastic surgeon has their own technique, MACS lift It has been the preferred method in recent years. Here is the trace; It starts in front of the favorite line, continues in front of the ear and ends at the level of the earlobe. This technique has reduced the scar, but is a method with satisfactory stretch-lifting efficiency. Traces are hidden as much as possible by adapting to natural lines.

The duration of the operation varies according to the technique and the patient and can take from 2.5 hours (mini-lift) to 6-8 hours (in total facelift). The forehead-eyebrow-temple part of the facelift surgery can also be performed endoscopically (by entering through small holes and with the help of an endoscope). Cheek-neck lift is also done classically. After the operation, the patient stays in the hospital for one or two nights. Healing, swelling and bruises take 8-10 days to pass. After the operation, the patient is followed up with closed dressing for 3-4 days. Then small skin bands are applied to the scars. The sutures are of the self-dissolving type. 4-5 days after surgery. You can take a bath from day one.

Eyelid aesthetics, aesthetic nose surgery, chin contour correction operations can be included in face rejuvenation procedures. Then more effective results can be obtained in the face view. The purpose of face rejuvenation attempts; It is not to change the face of the person, but to make him look more beautiful by preserving his own features.

Aesthetic interventions on the face:

Botox application: Botulinum toxin (botox) can be applied to the forehead, between the eyebrows and crow’s feet. This application stops muscle movements and stops the lines caused by the muscle. Its effectiveness lasts 4-8 months. It can be done again when the effect of Botox wears off. The drug has no detected side effects on the body. Allergic reactions have been reported extremely rarely.

Fillings: Fat tissue taken from the person’s body (abdomen or hip) can be prepared and injected into areas such as cheeks, forehead, chin, lips with small injectors. These are living cells. There are also stem cells in adipose tissue. Fat filling shows both filling and subcutaneous regeneration (thanks to stem cells), skin rejuvenation and brightening effects.

Synthetic fillings:

Apart from oil, there are ready-made synthetic fillings. These are prepared in a darker gel consistency for the deep plane, and in a thinner and more fluid structure for the skin. It is in the structure of supporting tissue (hyaluronic acid and hydroxyapatite) generally found in human tissues. In recent years, biopolymer group fillers provide permanence between 1-3 years. These are mostly applied as deep fillings in face-cheek and forehead collapses and weaknesses. It is also used in the inner contour of the leg.

Thinner gel fillings are used to correct lip lines (nasolabial), vertical lines above and below the lips (cigarette lines), forehead and crow’s feet lines.

There are laser, mechanical and chemical peeling methods for skin staining and roughening. The purpose of these is to get a smoother and renewed skin surface by removing the upper skin layer, which has a damaged appearance and structure. Skin regeneration takes approximately 7-14 days in these peeling processes. There is a red-pink color in the area around a few weeks. The skin then returns to its normal color.

Endopeel: A kind of acid (DocTNB substance) is injected into the muscle in order to eliminate the rim of the mouth, chin-neck contour and eyebrow drops, causing the muscle to contract and the tissue on it to be pulled. This injection program is effective for up to 1 year by being done 3 times.


Frequently asked questions:

Will the same result be obtained with filling, botox or endopeel instead of surgery?

There is no substitute for surgery. In cases where surgery is required, surgery should be performed. However, if the patient has a streaking problem or complains of loss of volume on the face, results can be obtained with filling and botox.

Will the result be better if face lift surgery is performed at a young age?

Since the balance, elasticity and skin structure of the tissues are better at a young age, the results of the surgery are of course better at younger ages. But first of all, a facelift indication (feasibility) should be established. Not everyone can be operated on.

Is there a need for filling-botox or other cosmetic application after the surgery?

Filling, botox, peeling, vacuum, velashape, radiofrequency, infrared, massage procedures can be performed to assist the surgery. These are like the polish of the work and make the result more beautiful.

Can fillers and botox be used interchangeably?

Filler injection is used to fill an area of ​​one percent, to regenerate or to make the formed line smoother. Botox (botulinum toxin) stops the muscle from working, thus correcting the skin lines caused by the contraction of the muscle. Their mechanisms are different. Botox and filler can even be applied to the same area.

When I start having Botox, is it necessary to have it done continuously?

There is no such requirement. The effect of Botox lasts for 4-8 months, after which the muscle starts to work again. The streaking reoccurs. But it does not leave a worse wrinkle on the skin than before.

Are fillers and botox effects permanent?

Both have temporary effect. It is renewed periodically, if desired.

Are there any side effects of fillers and botox?

Often used as a medical filler HA (hyaluronic acid), caHA (Calcium hydroxy apatite) and hydrogels (polymer and physiological serum mixture) is used. These are forms of substances found in the human body produced in the laboratory. There are no serious allergic reactions or side effects reported in the sources. Side effects and allergic reactions of Botox are also very rare. Its effect remains local.

It is said that liquid silicone is permanent, is it used for filling?

Yes, liquid silicone is permanent in texture, but it should never be used as a filler. May cause serious reactions in tissue. Silicone cannot be injected in liquid form and cannot be used as a filler. However, silicone prostheses are different. These are used extensively in areas considered as special prostheses (breast prosthesis, joint prosthesis, tendon prosthesis, etc.) and do not cause any problems.

prof. Dr. Atay Atabey

Estetia Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery

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