Facial Aesthetics

Facial aesthetic surgery is a type of aesthetic surgery performed to eliminate the deformation and sagging that occur in the facial skin, facial bones and facial mimic muscles with aging.

With aging, the melting that occurs in the bones, especially in the jawbone, causes the skin to become abundant and therefore sagging. Smoking and exposure to high levels of sunlight are also among the factors that deepen and make the wrinkles on the skin permanent.

In facial aesthetic surgeries performed for the treatment of sagging, wrinkles and clefts on the entire face and neck skin, primarily stretching is performed for the muscle and connective tissues in the lower part of the skin, and then excess fat accumulated on the skin is removed. After the excess fat accumulated on the skin is removed, the incisions opened during facial aesthetic surgery are closed.

It is not necessary to shave the hair before facial aesthetic surgeries. The duration of facial aesthetic surgeries varies between 3 and 5 hours on average, depending on the patient’s condition.

After facial aesthetic surgeries, light dressing treatment is applied to the surgical area and the surgery is completed.

Some of the patients who have undergone facial aesthetic surgery may feel mild pain after the surgery; The pain felt after the surgery can be controlled by using very low doses of painkillers.

After facial aesthetic surgeries, the face is protected by wrapping so that the face is not affected by external factors.

Facial aesthetic surgery can also be performed on patients who have undergone facial aesthetic surgery before. It is a fact that aging on the face will continue after facial aesthetic surgeries; For this reason, second and third or more facial aesthetic surgeries are commonly performed in our country and all over the world.

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