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Fillers containing hyaluronic acid are used in our clinic. Hyaluronic acid is a natural substance found in normal skin. It is a molecule that can hold 1000 times its weight in water. It plays a role in the production of collagen. Today, it is used in many antiaging creams. The hyaluronic acid substance in our skin decreases as we age. We regain this substance lost to the skin with filler injections, where necessary, and give the skin a fresh, young and healthy appearance. Processing intervals vary between 6 months and 1 year, depending on the needs of the skin; After a few applications, the time between treatment sessions may be longer.


The use of fillers is becoming increasingly popular, because with this very simple procedure, patients can treat acne scars and wrinkles and continue their daily lives. In recent years, quite a lot of fillers have been developed. However, studies are still ongoing to find the ideal filler.

An ideal filler should have the following properties?

• It should be physiologically compatible with human tissues.
•It should have few side effects and complications.
• It should be permanent, it should be able to be eliminated by the body over time.
• It should be easy to apply.

In which situations can fillers be used?

Fillers can be used to treat acne or other scars. It can also be combined with major and minor plastic surgery procedures. Often these substances are used for the treatment of wrinkles and scars, but they are also used to thicken the lips.

Which skin conditions can be treated with fillers?

Lip contouring and lip shaping
Adding volume to the lips
Nose lifting and shaping

• The lines between the eyebrows
• Wrinkles around the lip
• Wrinkles extending from the edges of the lips to the chin
Anxiety lines on the forehead
Crow’s feet lines around the eyes
Deep smile lines in the nasolabial region
• Pitches in the chin
• Acne scars
•Traces formed for other reasons

Which products can be used as fillers?

There are many fillers that can be added to the skin tissue. Manufacturers all try to assert the advantages of their own products. But dermatology or plastic surgery specialists should decide which product is right for your skin after the examination.
Below are the specific details of the fillers:

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