Due to the loss of elasticity in the skin tissue due to aging and the decrease in fat tissue, the face should be
it loses its inverted triangle appearance and sags downwards. In such cases, facial drooping treatment
We call the non-surgical, thread lifting process that we apply for a Thread Face Lift. With this procedure, any
We can turn back time without a trace and temporarily prevent sagging in our facial features.

Situations We Apply To Thread Face Lift

Mild to moderate sagging of the face
Loss of elasticity and wrinkles on the face
Loss of the inverted triangle image on the face lines
Thread Face Lift

Thread facelift; It is a procedure that can be applied in clinical conditions under local anesthesia, lasting approximately 30 minutes.
process. The surgical sutures, which are specially produced and have a durability of approximately 1.5 years, are applied to the skin with the help of a cannula.
After being placed on the fat tissue underneath, the ends of the threads are directed to the opposite direction of the face sagging.
stretching process is completed. Our anti-bruise cream application for bruises that may occur on the face.
We recommend. You can return to your normal life on the same day after the procedure.

Thread Face Lift Effect Time

The effect of the thread face lift will show immediately after the procedure is completed. Also, after 6 weeks,
Thanks to the threads placed under the skin, new subcutaneous collagen is produced. So the two effects together.
is one of the advantages of the method. The duration of effect is about 1.5 years. After the effect time has elapsed
There is no harm in performing a facelift with a thread again.

Things to Consider After Thread Face Lift

After 1 day we are allowed to take a shower.
We want you not to sleep on your side and not to massage your face for about 15 days.
While taking a shower or applying cream to the face, you should apply it with an upward movement, which is the direction of the threads.
we want.

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