Aging is a process that occurs in all organs, but is most noticeable in the skin. In skin aging
Although genetic predisposition is an important factor, sun exposure, physical and chemical events
excessive exposure (occupational chemicals, excessive make-up ..), smoking, excessive alcohol use,
Dietary habits are the main factors that accelerate skin aging. The skin is constantly renewing itself.
It repairs the effects of aging, but after a certain age, the repair process in the cells slows down.
Collagen production of the skin decreases, the elastic fibers in the connective tissue forming the support layer of the skin
With its disappearance, skin loosening, wrinkles and sagging occur.

Today, there are many treatment approaches to combat the signs of skin aging.
The main ones of these methods are; botulinum toxin injection, dermal fillers, chemical peels, micro
skin rejuvenation procedures such as needling, PRP, mesolifting, laser, radiofrequency, thread face lift. This
The methods can be used alone or in combination. Which method will be applied
Your doctor should decide according to your expectation and skin structure. Among these methods, thread face lift is the last.
It is an effective method that has been mentioned frequently in years and gives very good results in appropriate patient selection.
is the application.

The “Face Lift with Thread” process is also called V-lift, Thread Lift. This process is especially sagging,
Wrinkles, loss of elasticity in the skin, loss of clarity of the jaw line and facial lines due to sagging,
It is preferred in cases such as the skin falling down. Thread facelift application, nose edge lines and
To correct the corrugations extending from the edge of the nose to the jaw line, which we call marionette lines
applicable. It provides the recovery of sagging in the jaw line and helps to raise eyebrows. of the face oval
effective in creating In addition, this application is used in the body, arm and leg sagging, belly tightening.
is also used. Here we will talk about facial applications.

Specially produced surgical threads are used in the thread face lift process. What type of threads
Your doctor will decide to use it after examining you. These threads are placed on special needles.
has been placed. These needles are placed under the skin in a certain plan and order. When the needle is withdrawn the needle
The thread on it remains under the skin. Some corrections are also made after the needle is withdrawn according to the thread characteristics.
can be done. Generally, threads that melt under the skin are used. Under the skin like a prosthesis, which does not melt lately
threads are also used. In addition, the thickness and properties of the thread have the characteristics of the skin in the problem area.
differs accordingly. For example, while placing very thin threads around the eyes, the drooping area on the cheek
It may be necessary to use thicker and serrated threads with high lifting power to lift the tissue.
Your doctor will decide which type of threads to use according to your problem.

Thread facelift is a non-surgical application and can be performed in practice or polyclinic conditions.
can be done. Before the application phase, local anesthetic cream is applied or the needle entry points are also
is aroused. After all the threads are positioned and placed, soothing creams are applied on the skin.
The thread face lift treatment is completed.

Thread facelift treatment shows its effect from the moment the threads are placed under the skin. In one session
At the end of the thread face lift treatment, you can get a younger look. better results
is seen within 1-3 months after the session. Swelling, redness, bruising in the application area after the procedure
it could be. If you follow your doctor’s recommendations, these effects will regress in a short time. Post-procedure
avoiding the sun, not massaging the face, excessive laughing and stretching in the first 15 days
situations should be avoided.

Reduction in wrinkles and sagging in the face area, jawline and face as a result of thread face lift
a more youthful appearance in the contours, a tighter and tighter appearance on the cheeks, vitality and brightness of the skin.
occurs. Thread facelift procedures, surgical threads placed with the surgical threads, after a while, are removed by the subcutaneous cells.
can be destroyed by absorption. The effect time of this application is longer than many cosmetic procedures, but
How long the effect will last is different for each patient. Because every person’s skin structure, muscle structure,

hormonal status, age and aging rate are different. These criteria affect the duration of retention.

Thread facelift procedure is performed by doctors experienced in cosmetic applications.
should be carried out in a suitable environment. If your doctor deems this procedure appropriate for you and
It is a very effective method in removing the effects of aging, if done in the right way.

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