Face Lift Surgery

About the Surgery

Who are candidates for facelift?

Patients who do not have any additional disease that may cause wound healing problems, have reasonable expectations after facelift, and non-smokers are in the candidate group.

How is the recovery process after a Face Lift?

After the facelift surgery, the application areas in front of the ear are protected with special bands and ice is applied to the patient in the first days. The patient is supported with painkillers and antibiotics given to the patient after the surgery. After the surgery, for a short time, the drains placed on the face application area allow the liquids that may collect under the skin to be discharged.

How is Face Lift surgery done?

Although it varies depending on the choice of the Plastic Surgeon, it is generally performed with the patient completely asleep (under general anesthesia). The skin incisions to be made start from the hairline level, pass just in front of the ear and behind the ear and end in the scalp. As mentioned, traces are left in hidden areas, reducing their visibility. With face lift surgery, sagging and wrinkles on the under-eye, mouth and chin are tried to be removed. It is aimed to achieve a younger appearance.

What should be considered during the preparation for the operation?

Smokers should quit smoking, Aspirin and other non-steroidal pain relievers should be avoided due to the risk of bleeding. If the patient is using drugs for other diseases, they should continue to use them in consultation with their doctor.

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