As a result of congenital or subsequent accidents, items such as facial bones, cartilage and tissues
disproportion, disorder or dysfunction in the region may cause problems. Bone curvature, damage or
such as fractures, deformed bones, jaw or cheekbones not appearing naturally
A facial implant is applied to the patient to resolve the problems.

How is the operation done?
Under local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia if it will not be combined with another surgery
applicable. Facial implants are often placed in two parts, the chin (lower jaw, upper jaw, chin tip) and cheekbone.
applied to different areas. Depending on the problem experienced by the patient, a single implant or multiple areas
implant can be applied. The desired shape is placed on the bone without directly interfering with the bone structure.
and volume is reached.

Jaw Implants
Jaw implants, accidental fractures or subsequent jaw disproportion, chin and chin
If the tip is small, large, behind or out of proportion to the face and nose,
method. During application, chin implants are placed in the mouth from the groove under the lower teeth to the midline.
It is inserted through a single incision made. After the operation, the bands are applied to the area where the implant is placed.
a dressing is made. Regular cold application is carried out. Tissues after this surgery
When it is healed, the necessary contouring and highlighting is provided by skin filling on the chin tip.

Cheekbone Implants
Removing congenital or acquired disproportions, cheekbone and cheek area
Cheeky implants are applied to proportionate and naturalize the profile appearance. These implants are
It is made through the incision made from the groove on the upper teeth. From the opened incisions to the facial lines
Appropriately shaped implants are placed. This incision in the mucosa heals quickly and without scarring. This surgery
If necessary, the implants can be supported by fat injection or appropriate after the tissues have healed.
degrees of face filling can be done.

If necessary during this surgery, the implants can be supported by fat injection or after the tissues have healed.
Then, appropriate degrees of facial filling can be done.

Treatment Process
It is important to stay in the hospital for a few days after facial implants are placed. In this way, the first period
it is passed safely and doctor control is ensured. Until the stitches are removed in the next period
should be protected, should not be forced, foods should be consumed as directed by the doctor, and drug use, dressing,
Bandage renewal should be considered.

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