With the coming out of the winter months and the warming of the weather, it took all of us an effort, and we started to think about how we could lose the weight we had gained all winter in the easiest way. While some were helped by dietitians who are experts in this business, some rushed to pills and herbs that might threaten our health, and some to death diets, which are called so-called miracle diets.

Our body has a mechanism, just like the tools we use, and if something is missing, it can let you down when you least expect it, how right is it to take this risk? Then let’s take another look at how we should be fed.

I wonder if we can lose weight if we are hungry or can we lose weight even if we eat plenty of protein? You will not be able to lose weight in a healthy way by being hungry, and you will also disrupt the functioning of your body. How Does? When your body sees that there is not enough energy, it creates a defense system, what it perceives; There may be a famine or a war situation outside, then let’s store it and spend as little as possible. In this case, it is not possible to lose weight because you have not given the necessary energy to the body. Diets called protein diets can cause rapid weight loss at first, but it is discussed whether the weight you lose is removed from the body as muscle, water or fat. So what happens when you return to your normal eating patterns? You will quickly get more of what you give and store it as fat, because you have deprived yourself. In addition, long-term application of such diets can lead to some undesirable health problems (such as heart diseases, kidney diseases…).

So what should we do? First of all, let’s not forget that; Just as we all differ in appearance, our bodies also differ in their functioning. Gender, height, weight, lifestyle, physical activity, lifestyle etc. possible to reproduce. The help you will receive from the specialist will take you to your goal in the easiest and healthiest way.

Our body loses water through sweating, respiration and excretion throughout the day. This lost water must be replaced. Physical activity also changes the need for water. People who are not physically active should drink 10 glasses of fluid a day. They can meet this amount with the food and liquids they take daily. Those with high physical activity and those living in hot environments have more water requirements.

Be careful not to skip meals and avoid excessive fatty and sugary foods. Healthy eating means a colorful diet. Take care to eat as colorful as possible in your meals and to get enough from meat, milk, grains, vegetables and fruits. An oily or mayonnaise-style oily dressing that you cut down on your meals and salad may come back to you as some walnuts, hazelnuts, peanuts or a handful of seeds that you can consume throughout the day. It is possible to lose weight by learning and applying some tricks.

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