Eyelid aesthetic

Over time, with the effect of aging, gravity and genetic factors, some changes occur in the lower and upper eyelids that make the person look older, tired and sleepy. However, looks are of great importance in all areas of life. No one wants to look tired and sleepy, no matter who they are. These changes that occur in the eyelids are bags that occur with herniation of skin, muscle excess and adipose tissues. Sometimes these changes are all together. Sometimes there is only excess skin or bagging. Sometimes the excess skin can reach such a size that it can affect the visual field. Depending on the patient’s condition, only the upper or only the lower lids or the lower and upper lids can be operated at the same time. The operation takes an average of 1-1.5 hours. It is possible to go home the same day. The form of anesthesia can be local, sedation or general. The upper eyelid incision is made over the naturally occurring fold here. Therefore, the trace that will remain is minimal. The classic lower eyelid incision is made just below the eyelashes. In suitable people, it is possible to make this incision through the eyelid (transconjunctival). The bruises that occur after the surgery disappear within a week.

Stitches 4-5. days are taken. The swelling disappears within a month. After the surgery, the person has a younger and more vigorous look. When performed together with brow lift surgery, the results are more permanent and satisfactory.

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