Eyelid aesthetic

Eyes don’t lie” sometimes our lips smile but our eyes look sad. Sometimes, even if we don’t want to show that we are sleepy and tired, our eyes give us away. Perhaps the worst trait of a drooping upper eyelid is being a liar. It makes us look tired even when we are not tired, even when we are energetic, however, it is possible to make our eyelids, which have been tired for years, tell the truth, with a surgical technique that can be performed only in 40 minutes and with local anesthesia. Eyelid aesthetics, also known as blephroplasty; The need for surgery due to drooping of the eyelids generally begins after the age of 30. The surgery is technically performed by performing procedures such as removing the sagging skin, removing the muscle tissue or rearranging the fat pads in the eyelid in a patient-specific manner. After the operation, the patient can go home after 1-2 hours of observation. The pain is severe enough to respond to simple painkillers. Cold application is helpful. The dressings do not close the eyes and are removed by the surgeon after about 5 days. The swelling or bruising that occurs after the operation completely disappears after 1 week. It will be comfortable for the patient not to read a book and not be exposed to high doses of sun or artificial light for 2 days after the surgery. Surgery eyelids that heal completely within 2 weeks can maintain their aesthetic form for many years.

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