Eyelid aesthetic; Almost all of us have aging-related eye drops due to gravity.
It is a method we use to make our lids look younger. Local
Consider the operations to remove the excess on our eyelids, which we perform under anesthesia.
we call it eyelid aesthetic surgeries.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery, excess skin that causes sagging on your upper eyelid and fat as necessary
It is the method of removing the sacs under local anesthesia in 1-1.5 hours. incision of the upper eyelid
Since it will be in the folds, the trace will not be noticed in the following processes. eye after surgery
we place a tape covering the seam lines on the covers. After the operation, the person is discharged and 1 day
After that, he can easily continue his daily work.

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Lower eyelid surgery; local excess of the skin of the lower eyelid after sagging of the lower eyelid
It is the method of taking it under anesthesia in 1-1.5 hours. Since the incision is hidden under the eyelashes, from the first weeks
then the selection from outside will decrease, and after 1 year it will be unnoticed. Operation
We place a tape covering the suture lines on the eyelids after the surgery. Person discharged after surgery
and after 1 day, they can easily continue their daily work. Although the lower eyelid
Although I would like to briefly describe the surgery, we can also choose a different treatment method after your examination.

Recovery After Eyelid Surgery

It is expected that there will be slight bleeding over the bands after eyelid surgery. First
For 2 days, an increasing swelling and bruising will occur around the eyes. ice to prevent this
We will continue for a while. You should also use the anti-bruise creams prescribed to you.
we will not delay. After 5 days, we remove your stitches and tapes. New according to your wound healing status
We decide whether to put tape or not.

The more we spend our resting period lying down (sitting), the less swelling and bruises will be.
We will protect ourselves from the sun as much as possible for 2 months. During this time, apart from
Let’s avoid sauna and heavy sports that trigger swelling.

We will decide on the make-up issue together after your checks.

Side Effects That May Occur After Eyelid Aesthetic Surgery

Bleeding: It is rarely seen in some cases. It needs to be intervened.
Blurred Vision: It is a condition that can be seen in the first few days. It is temporary.
Excessive Tears: It is a condition that can be seen in the first few weeks. It is temporary.
Eyes Not Closing During Sleep: It is a condition that can be encountered in the first few days. With the reduction of swelling

with fix.

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