The thinnest skin structure of the body is found in the eyelids. As a result, excess skin and sagging
The signs of aging are mostly seen in this area. Wrinkles and bags under the eyes are evident. tired and
eyelids to get rid of an older appearance and sometimes to increase the field of vision.
applied to aesthetics.

Aesthetics around the eyes, in some cases, the forehead, eyebrows and middle face as well as the eyelids and under the eyes.
may contain. In such cases, a comprehensive examination of the surrounding tissues should be performed and eyebrow lift, forehead lift
and mid-face rejuvenation methods can also be applied.

How is the operation done?
Anesthesia in the operation varies according to the scope of the area to be treated. just the eye
Local anesthesia can be used in an operation to be performed on the lid. All eye area as well as local anesthesia
The line includes intravenous sedatives, while general anesthesia in case of enlargement
can be done.

As with every aesthetic operation, operations around the eyes are also planned individually. adipose tissue
removal or displacement, compression of the covering layer, or
transactions are decided according to need. While the operation involving both eyelids takes an average of 40 minutes,
The time around the entire eye may increase to 1.5 hours.

Treatment Process
After the operation, waterproof, non-impairing tapes are placed on the upper and lower eyelids.
and cold application at regular intervals. The edema, which increases in the first two days, decreases from the 3rd day and on the 4th day.
bands are taken. It is necessary to avoid very hot baths for a few weeks.

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